Single Mattress

If your bedroom has limited space to fit a queen or king size mattress, try considering a single size mattress. Saving space should not compromise your style and comfort. Thus, here at HipVan, you can choose from various types of single size mattresses that will cater to your desire for comfort. Sleep in luxury by ordering one of our single mattresses today and have it delivered to your home in Singapore.

  • LEVITATE Mattress (Single Size)

    LEVITATE Mattress (Single)

    W91 D190 H30 cm


  • DREAM Mattress (Single Size)

    DREAM Mattress (Single)

    W91 D190 H25 cm


  • SLEEP Mattress (Single Size)

    SLEEP Mattress (Single)

    W91 D190 H24 cm


  • Downtime Mattress (Single Size)

    Downtime Mattress (Single)

    W91 D190 H20.5 cm


  • Downtime Mattress (Single)

    Snooze Mattress (Single)

    W91 D190 H20 cm


Single Bed, But Twice the Comfort

If your bedroom is tight on space, a single mattress is the most ideal mattress size you can own. And at HipVan, we have a wide array of single size mattresses. Our Snooze single mattress is made with high-density foam, perfecting the balance between firmness and comfort. Do you have back problems that make finding the proper sleeping position a hassle? Maybe you need a firmer mattress that will keep you comfortable throughout the night. If that’s the case, you will benefit from our Downtime and SLEEP mattresses’ high level of firmness. Lastly, our LEVITATE and DREAM single mattresses provide top-tier comfort due to their latex, cool fabric, and memory foam material that will make you wake up in the morning feeling fully refreshed and energised. All our single mattresses are also made with ultra-breathable and cooling materials, so don’t fret about waking in the middle of the night due to the heat.

Pair it With a Bed Frame

Elevate the comfort levels and visual appeal of your bedroom by pairing our HipVan bed frames with your choice of single mattress. We have a wide selection of bed frames that will perfectly envelop your mattress, so you can toss and turn while your mattress remains snug in place. With an array of single bed frame designs to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect pairing that will complement the style of your bedroom. Browse our online catalogue today and cart out with your favourite single size mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions About Single Mattresses

1. How Much Does a Single Size Mattress Cost In Singapore?

Many factors contribute to single mattresses’ price, such as their variations. HipVan guarantees the highest quality single size mattress that you deserve. HipVan only offers the right price for your mattress’ needs without any hidden costs. Additionally, we offer free delivery across Singapore for orders over $300. So, fret not if you’re thinking about how much the delivery fee will add on top of your purchase.

2. What Is the Size of a Single Mattress?

HipVan’s standard size of a single size mattress is 91cm x 190cm. Given its size, single mattresses are perfect for kids who have outgrown their cribs or if you have a petite bed frame. HipVan also offers super single, queen and king-sized mattresses if you are looking for a bigger mattress.
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