King Size Mattress

Spacious, capable of accommodating at least two people, and the widest amongst all of the standard-sized mattresses available in the market today, King sized mattresses are the perfect choice for homeowners looking for mattresses that will cater to their need for more sleeping room. Available in a range of comfort and firmness levels, choose from our stunning selection of King size mattresses. From King memory foam mattresses to King high-density foam mattresses, we have them all!.

  • LEVITATE Mattress (King)

    LEVITATE Mattress (King)

    W183 D190 H30 cm


  • DREAM Mattress (King)

    DREAM Mattress (King)

    W183 D190 H25 cm


  • SLEEP Mattress (King Size)

    SLEEP Mattress (King)

    W183 D190 H24 cm


  • Downtime Mattress (King)

    Downtime Mattress (King)

    W183 D190 H20.5 cm


  • Downtime Mattress (King)

    Snooze Mattress (King)

    W183 D190 H20 cm


Shop King Size Mattress Online in Singapore

The ultimate mattress of choice for homeowners looking for comfort and luxury, our range of King size mattresses is the perfect fit for any modern bedroom in Singapore. If ample room for tossing and turning and no longer feeling restricted with the space you sleep on daily are what you are looking for, then all you’ll have to do is pair any of these King size mattresses with a sturdy King-sized bed frame and you’ll have yourself a comfortable space to sleep undisturbed. With so many King size mattress types to choose from - from memory foam mattresses that conform to your body to long-lasting high-density options, find a King sized mattress that suits your lifestyle and sleeping habits. Time to sleep like a king and enjoy superior comfort with the likes of royalty with your new HipVan King size mattress!

Choosing the Right King Size Mattress for Your Bedroom

Frame Size: When choosing the best mattress for your bedroom, determining the optimal size is a must. If you already have a King-sized bed frame, you’ll need to find a mattress that will sit snugly into the frame. Are you sharing the bed with someone else? Depending on this, you might consider upgrading your mattress and bed frame accordingly.
Type of Mattress: Are you looking for a King size foam mattress that boasts superior motion absorption? Or do you prefer an alternative that is associated with eco-friendly practices, making latex mattresses the ideal choice? At HipVan, we carry options that provide a good night’s sleep and are renowned for their extreme comfort and durability.
Firmness: Depending on your body weight, sleeping position, and personal preference, you’ll have to decide on the optimal firmness level of the mattress. Regardless of whether you are looking for a firm or soft-medium level of firmness, there is sure to be an option for you at HipVan. From our LEVITATE mattresses to the firm Downtime mattress, find a firmness level that best suits your needs.

Not sure where to buy King size mattresses at an affordable price in Singapore? Look no further than HipVan. By designing and manufacturing our mattresses, we offer an extensive collection of King size mattresses that meet our high standards of comfort. Our mattresses are built to last long with a 12-year guarantee. We also offer a 100-night free trial, so you can try our mattresses out for yourself before buying one online. Browse our online catalogue today and cart out with your favourites.

Frequently Asked Questions About King Size Mattresses

1. What is the Size of a King Size Mattress?

This highly depends on the manufacturer of the mattress. In general, the width of a King sized mattress will be wider than 70-inches, while its height and depth do not vary from the other standard mattress sizes. At HipVan, our King size mattress measures 183 by 190 by 25 cm. For more information on the different sizes of mattresses, refer to our mattress size guide.

2. What is the Average Cost of a King Size Mattress?

The cost of the mattress depends on the one you have your eyes on. But fret not! Regardless of the mattress type you pick, you can rest assured that HipVan makes them all available at affordable prices. Whether you plan on getting the LEVITATE latex memory foam King size mattress or the Snooze mattress, we only offer quality products at honest prices.
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