Super Single Mattresses

Torn between a queen size mattress and a single mattress? The size difference between the two may be too big or too small for your liking. The super single mattress sits right in between, and it is the perfect choice to fit a person comfortably. At HipVan, you can choose different types of super single mattresses in Singapore based on your comfort and mattress material preferences.

  • LEVITATE Mattress (Super Single)

    LEVITATE Mattress (Super Single)

    W107 D190 H30 cm


  • DREAM Mattress (Super Single)

    DREAM Mattress (Super Single)

    W107 D190 H25 cm


  • SLEEP Mattress (Super Single)

    SLEEP Mattress (Super Single)

    W107 D190 H24 cm


  • Downtime Mattress (Super Single)

    Downtime Mattress (Super Single)

    W107 D190 H20.5 cm


  • Downtime Mattress (Super Single)

    Snooze Mattress (Super Single)

    W107 D190 H20 cm


High-Quality Super Single Mattresses Just For You

If you have a wider room in your home, you can afford to have a bigger size bed frame and mattress. A super single size mattress in Singapore is preferable for people who love to enjoy more space while sleeping. If you move a lot while you’re resting or toss and turn frequently through the night, you would feel more comfortable with a super single size mattress.

HipVan provides excellent quality super single size mattresses in Singapore. Our super single mattresses are designed and manufactured with breathability, durability, and resilience in mind. Meeting our high standards of comfort, enjoy ergonomic spine support, and wake up in your best form with ease. Upgrade your mattress today and get the rest you duly deserve.

Enjoy 100 Nights of HipVan’s Mattress Free Trial

Your daily grind deserves a nightly sleep. With HipVan’s super single mattress, you can rest easy knowing that you are sleeping on the bed that best suits your needs. Buying a mattress that suits your sleeping habits can help you with your day-time productivity, as you don’t have to fret about waking up with an aching body or having sleepless nights — we don’t want our customers having to deal with that problem. HipVan makes mattress shopping a breeze and a pleasure at the same time by providing customers with a 100-day free trial. We are fully confident in our products, but if for some reason, you aren’t happy with your purchase, we will gladly give you a full refund without any fuss. That’s our guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Super Single Mattresses in Singapore

1. What is The Difference Between Single and Super Single Mattress?

The size difference between a super single mattress and a single mattress is 16cm in width, but they are the same size in terms of their length. Super single mattresses are designed to fit teenagers and single adults more comfortably, allowing more space to move around while sleeping. For more information on the size difference, refer to our mattress size guide.

2. Can 2 People Fit in a Super Single Mattress?

Super single mattresses are ideal for individuals planning to have the bed all to themselves. Super single mattresses can fit one adult, extra pillows, and other small items like laptops and mobile phones that people frequently put on their beds. You may want to upgrade to a queen or king size mattress for couples to share a bed.
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