11 Small Bathroom Ideas For Your HDB

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Most of us are not blessed with a huge bathroom. Limited space, exposed pipes and cluttering of the toiletries give us the frown rather than the smile. But really, with a little careful planning of space, you too can have a resort or hotel style nifty bathroom your friends will fight to take a shower or you know it. Here are 11 small yet stylish bathroom ideas for you to make singing in the shower an everyday affair.

1. Right-Down-Your-Alley Bathroom

Narrow, nifty and clean. We don't really like the idea of leaving your shampoo on the floor. Install a few corner shelves and voila!

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2. The California Dreaming Bathroom

This is the top on our list! Firstly, it cleverly utilises the very limited space, having a partition installed in between the WC and shower area (think water splashes). Secondly, shelving units are cleverly placed on top of the WC and at the shower area. Lastly, the type of flooring used at the shower area renders it resort living alike. Just a tip here: if you're installing a partition, make sure it has a vertical glass panel (as seen in picture) so that natural light is allowed in.

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3. The Pipe Dream Bathroom

Instead of concealing them, why not show them off in all their glory? Paint your bigger pipes in a colour that complements the rest of the decor (we are also screaming red here!) and change the smaller ones to steel. You'll then have a really modern bathroom. No it's no longer a pipe dream.

11 Small Bathroom Ideas For Your HDB - The HipVan Blog

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4. The Peranakan Bathroom

Peranakan tiles are gaining popularity these days in interior design. Besides the bathroom, they are also commonly used as kitchen counter-top backing.

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5. The Basics Bathroom

Black and white are like Bonnie and Clyde Ñ notorious but indisputably famous and widely mentioned in today's pop culture. Did we also mention that the colour combination is too widely used in the fashion scene, interior scene and well basically almost everything? Chess, a popular pop song by the late king of pop, soya bean with grass jelly and the list goes onÉ

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6. The Resort Style Bathroom

Another resort style bathroom that once again cleverly separated the WC and shower area with a tiled wall. We love the rustic brass sink that was used in place of the usual porcelain ones.

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7. The Santorini Bathroom

Taking a shower in this will fondly remind you of that last Greek vacation you had. Clear blue skies, deep turquoise sea and white villas on the cliffÉ Heaven.

Source (L-R): homedit.com, homedit.com

8. The Bohemian Bathroom

Because of the storage boxes, this bathroom is dubbed Bohemian. We seriously love the clever usage of the vertical wall space next to the WC. It makes a perfect small bathroom storage solution.

11 Small Bathroom Ideas For Your HDB - The HipVan Blog 11 Small Bathroom Ideas For Your HDB - The HipVan Blog

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9. The Nautical Bathroom

Another nautical inspired bathroom that we'd love to take a swim, sorry, shower in! Once again, changing the pipes to steel ones makes a whole lot of difference! And don't the round mirror above the WC remind you of the doors in an ocean liner?

11 Small Bathroom Ideas For Your HDB - The HipVan Blog

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10. The True-Blue Bathroom (pun)

Don't look past the true blue bathroom for bathroom ideas. OK, we're seriously enjoying the pun. Lastly, the bathroom pictured above brilliantly used a lookalike pebbled wall (if you're adventurous enough, we highly recommend using real pebbled walls) as a centre-piece. Notice that ornaments are kept to minimum and a matching bathroom mat, bath towel and accents made up a bathroom fit for an ocean lover.

Source (L-R): hgtv.com, homedit.com

11. The Big Boy Bathroom

We figured this belongs in a bachelor pad. The variations of brick walls strike a stark but chic contrast against the black and white tiled flooring. We think it's a daring move but in spite of that, it produces a really amazing visual treat.

11 Small Bathroom Ideas For Your HDB - The HipVan Blog

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