3 kitchen configurations for your every need!

Depending on your needs, your kitchen configuration has to be different to be able maximise its use and space! Read on to find out which kitchen suits you best:

1. Heavy user

Asian cooking is heavy on kitchen usage because of all the yummy fried fish, wok hei noodles and sambal kangkong we eat! If you are blessed with a heavy usage cook at home, you might want to take a look at this.

Source: Pinteres

As a heavy user, you’d want a area easy for you to reach for your items. Most kitchens are small, but if you can afford the space, U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens will be the most ideal for heavy users as it allows for ample storage space and easy accessibility. Single aisle kitchens are a good alternative if you cannot afford the space.

The most important point regradlesse whether it is a U-shaped, L-shaped or a single aisle, make it enclosed! U shaped or single aisle kitchen will do best because an enclosed kitchen is recommended, as it will stop straying smells from spreading into other parts of the house. PS. Home cooked meals are our favourite! *hint hint*

2. Light user

Source: Miserv, Pinterest, Kitchen by Design

If you are a light user of the kitchen, save for maybe some water boiling and some simple noodles, these kitchens will be perfect for you! Since you dine mostly outside, home dining for you just for a simple practical purpose. With an open kitchen concept, you will not have to worry about bad ventilation and allows for ease of movement as well.

3. Social Butterfly

Source: paperbutterstudio, Misiunea Casa

Is socialising a big part of your life? Love having friends and family over for meals and talks? Look no further, these kitchens are meant for you! If you are the type who doesn’t cook for gatherings, an open concept island-dining area is best suited for you. They serve as a multipurpose space where you can prepare and let others dine at the same time.

For those who want to cook up a storm but still want to be part of the action, consider using glass panels or folding screens! They allow you to be able to see what is going on outside whilst keeping the smells inside the kitchen.


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