How To Find The Right Bed For A Small Bedroom

Small bedrooms can be uninspiring, but don’t let its size bring you down! By choosing the right bed for a small HDB bedroom, make more room for your creativity! Here are 6 easy tips to follow when choosing the right bed for a small space!

1. Choose platform beds for small spaces.

There are many different types of beds available, from sleigh beds to sofa beds, and the best one for a small bedroom is the platform bed! It is easily identified from its low-slung frame and rows of wooden slats.

Platform beds are more versatile and take up less space than their box spring counterparts!

2. 50cm rule!

Single, queen or king size bed? That will depend on the amount of space you have and how many people will be using the bed. When choosing the bed size, make sure you have at least 50cm space around the bed so you can still walk around comfortably!

Consider different furniture arrangements to see how you can free up more space.

3. Let your mattress breathe with wooden slats!

Bed slats is one of the most understated factor that people take into consideration when buying new beds. A common misconception is that box spring is better than bed slats in terms of comfort. Wrong! The slats in platform beds provide the same amount of shock absorption as box spring.

Moreover, bed slats with gaps allow ventilation for your mattresses, which is important in a humid country like Singapore.

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4. Live luxuriously with taller bed frames.

Want to feel luxurious in your small bedroom? The trick to getting a tower-like height you prefer for your bed is by choosing the right bed frame!

Take note that a bed that is too high can create a cluttered feel in the room. And if you’ll be using a memory-foam mattress, go for wooden bed frames with wooden slats instead as they provide better support!

5. Choose a space-saving headboard.

A headboard can make a room look classier, but if your bedroom is tiny, either opt for thin headboards or no headboards at all!

6. Raised legs for extra storage.

Consider the extra space you can get from choosing a bed with legs, especially for small apartments. The small space underneath them can be used to store your things like magazines, clothes etc. Besides that, beds raised on legs create a sense of light and space, making a room look bigger.


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