6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Gallery Wall

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Gallery Wall - The HipVan Blog

Don't know where and how to kickstart your gallery wall project at home? Don't worry, we have it covered! A gallery wall is one of the easiest and cheapest way to liven up a room. Here's a quick guide on creating that perfect gallery wall that you always see online!

1. Choose The Placement

The first and simplest step to creating the perfect gallery wall is to decide where should the gallery wall be. Should you have it at the entryway to make a statement? Or would it be better to have it in the living room to spruce up your plain and empty walls? It all boils down to the amount of wall space you have.

Some experts have said that it would be best for the frames to be placed at eye level. Plan ahead and then try it out yourself to see what works best for you.

2. Choose A Layout

Here’s a tip: once you’ve decided on the placement, mark out the different frame positions with tape so that you can easily hang them up later on.

If you have a small room, the safest layout to go for is the neat grid layout. Choose frames of the same size so it prevents the room from feeling too cluttered.

Small room but want something less rigid? Choose one big frame and place smaller ones around it. For this layout, refrain from putting more than 8 frames because it will cause some cluttering.

Try taping a straight tape on the wall and place your frames above or below it. With this layout, it still neat but you can play around with varying frame sizes.

Want to be even more creative? Create a cloud-like organic arrangement by having fun with many different frame sizes! Be creative!

3. Choose The Frames

Now, here comes the tough part: mixing and matching different frames for your gallery wall. One of the most common questions: which type of frame should you go for? If you like to play it safe and love the clean look, opt for frames in the same colour and style.

And here’s a tip: when choosing frames, stick to a similar colour palette that complements the room where your gallery wall will be. Or go for the classic black and white. You can never go wrong with this timeless combination!

After which, lay out the frames to see if they fit into the layout you’ve drawn previously. If the layout you’ve drawn turns out not as appealing on the wall, you can always switch up the positions of the frames for different arrangements.

4. Choose The Wall Decor

Once you've decided on the frames, go ahead and choose the painting, quote, photo etc for each frame. It's all about your personal preference. Here's a tip: you don't need to stick to frames. You can still create a beautiful gallery wall by mixing and matching the frames with other wall decor like mirrors, clocks, signs etc. Don't be afraid to experiment a3nd have fun mixing and matching!

5. Break The Rules!

Who says you can only have a gallery wall in your bedroom or living room? Take inspiration from these gallery walls in bathrooms, closet and corner walls! Have fun with it.

6. Hang Them Up!

The last step: hang all the wall decor up and you're done!


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