This Is What Your HDB Will Look Like In SG100

October 26, 2015 | News & Culture | HDB
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Do you know that Singapore has launched her first batch of smart homes? Yes, you heard that right, smart homes. Remember that time you had trouble parting with your smartphone? Forget it. Now we are not just going to be using it, we are going to be living in it.

Sure, the current smart homes might not be what you are expecting (if you are thinking of a scene right out of your favourite sciFi movie), but imagine what more can we achieve 50 years later!

This is what we envision our HDB to look like in SG100.

1. All-in-One Touchscreen Dashboard

The HipVan Blog

We all had one of those lazy days when we simply do not feel like grooming ourselves or see another human face #firstworldproblem. How cool would it be to have a technology that allows you to control everything right out of bed? With this dashboard, you would be able to monitor the energy use of your house, set the perfect temperature, play a music to suit your mood - all at your fingertips. You would also be able to get your groceries done or bills paid without stepping out of your house!

2. What are keys when we have fingers?

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A long time ago, iPhone revolutionised smartphones by replacing stylus with our fingers. This simple notion reminded us that our fingers are one of the most convenient and powerful tools we carry with us. If we can unlock our iPhone using our fingerprint, we probably can do the same for our doors. Getting through doors by fingerprint is definitely easier and safer (and so much cooler). We also would not have to worry about losing our keys anymore! But while we are waiting for this to happen, these ingenious Keysmart Keyrings will help you organise your keys.

3. Smart lights, smart bathtubs, smart everything!

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Today, we have smart car park management systems and smart fans in the neighbourhood centre. Looking at this trend, there would probably be a smart version of everything you can think of by the year of SG100. Smart lights in your house that detect and adjusts to your mood and your sleeping patterns; smart bathtubs that sense your body temperature; smart wardrobes that can plan and suggest outfits for you… and the list goes on.

4. Transformer rooms

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Looking at our country’s aim to reach 6.9 million population by 2030, space-saving furniture are definitely here to stay. Even at the present, furnitures are able to hide and appear from walls. We envision that by SG100, at a single press of a button, your entire bedroom could transform into your workspace. Who knows, maybe furnitures will start to appear from the ground as well!

5. 3D Printers

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3D printers are so amazing, they are insane. Other than living human beings, they can practically print everything. Right now, it is still a relatively uncommon and expensive technology; but 50 years later, we all might have a 3D printer sitting at home. Let's start making a list of things that we can print with it! Number 1, we say 3D food. Anybody with us?

6. Oh yea, robots

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This last one is a cliche, we know. But honestly, it seems highly possible. We would probably start with robot helpers to aid us in our housework and patient care. Next, we might even have robots for our entertainment. Let's hope we would not go too far with the whole robot thing though *picturing horrorfic scenes from the Terminator movie*.....

Now, this is what we call easy-living. But to be honest, as much as we love having smart homes like these, they seem to make us really really lazy... What do you think: Smart homes, Yay or Nay?