Innovative Kitchen Products Worth A Moment Of Your Time

1. Eggs!

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How do you like your eggs? Sometimes, we would like our eggs poached, but getting that perfect poached egg is not as easy as it should be. With this product, you would be able to poach eggs like a pro, every time. Some may call is “cheating” but we would like to call it clever!

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In baking, we are often asked to separate the yolk from the white. Easier said than done, right? Here is one product that will help you do just that with little effort! Frequent bakers would definitely need one of these.

The HipVan Blog

The HipVan Blog

Now, let me add an egg into my maggie mee! Oh wait, I did not just run out of eggs... This really cool egg minder will help you keep track of your eggs and even syncs them to your phone! This way, even if you forget to check your egg counts before your grocery shopping, you can simply check your phone to find out. Pretty cool huh?

Get This Look:
  • Perfect Poach™ (20 bags per pack)
    Perfect Poach™ (20 bags per pack)
    $15.00 SGD
  • Pluck Egg Yolk Separator
    Pluck Egg Yolk Separator
    $19.00 SGD
  • Egg Minder
    Egg Minder
    $189.00 SGD

2. Prepping Ingredients

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Unless you are a total pro in cooking, we all had times when we accidentally cut our finger during the process of cooking. Jamie Oliver Finger Guard will protect your fingers and allow you to cut with more confidence and speed. It doesn’t hurt to be too careful!

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While we are at cutting food, you need to take a look at this really cool cutting board. It can be quite a pain when we cut so many things and they create a mess around the cutting board. Mocubo Cutting Board with Storage allows you slice, dice, then sweep your ingredients right into a dish below! Not to mention, it is also extremely good-looking!

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This Cube Grater conveniently has three blade styles – fine, ribbon and coarse. It makes preparing your favorite dish easy as pie! The cube also catches and measure your food right away.

Get This Look:
  • Jamie Oliver Finger Guard
    Jamie Oliver Finger Guard
    $5.90 SGD
  • Mocubo - Cutting Board with Storage
    Mocubo - Cutting Board with Storage
    $66.00 SGD
  • Cube Grater - Red
    Cube Grater - Red
    $51.50 SGD

3. Keep Calm and Drink Tea

A fan of tea? You should be! Tea is extremely good for our physical and mental health, and they taste really good as well. Drinking tea should be an enjoyable activity that helps you relax. These 3 tea products are definitely going to help!

The HipVan Blog
The HipVan Blog

Drink tea, and everything whale be okay.

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We love how this tea ball almost acts like ice cube that floats on top of your drink, except that this time they add flavour to your drink instead!

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The Magisso Teacup combines brewing and drinking hot tea into one task. Simply put loose tea leaves in the strainer, fill with water and let it steep, then tilt the cup the opposite direction to enjoy your tea.

Get This Look:
  • Dreaming Whale Tea Infuser - Aqua Blue
    Dreaming Whale Tea Infuser - Aqua Blue
    $19.90 SGD
  • Tea Ball - Blue
    Tea Ball - Blue
    $21.30 SGD
  • PLC Teacup - Snow White
    PLC Teacup - Snow White
    $28.90 SGD


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Does anybody else find it hard to estimate how much pasta to cook? Somehow, they always look so much more when they are cooked! With this funny Pasta Measuring Tool, you can estimate how much pasta to cook for a man, a woman, a child, or even better, a unicorn.

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How do you drain your pasta or noodles? If you don’t have an answer to that question, here is the answer for you! Everyone needs to get one of these Drain Tilt Serve Colander that easily drains your noodles from one side, and you can just tilt to serve it from the other side!

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This Pasta Tongs are ideal for serving spaghetti and other noodles! It is specially designed to pick up slippery pasta without smashing the noodles. Yay to no more broken pastas!

Get This Look:
  • I Could Eat A Unicorn
    I Could Eat A Unicorn
    $17.00 SGD
  • Drain, Tilt & Serve Colander - Violet
    Drain, Tilt & Serve Colander - Violet
    $18.80 SGD
  • Pasta Tongs - Red / Grey
    Pasta Tongs - Red / Grey
    $26.90 SGD

5. Make Boring Kitchen Tools Interesting

Who says these boring kitchen tools can’t be interesting? These products will prove you wrong!

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Fill up this adorable Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker with your favourite spices and watch them become the grounds to the plants. They look so pretty, they would probably be mistaken as a home décor piece instead of a functional kitchen tool.

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Who knew toothpicks can also be somebody’s hair! What better way to store toothpicks than to use the Picky Boy?

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Lift your mood and your pot lids with these adorable sheeps!

Get This Look:
  • Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker
    Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker
    $59.90 SGD
  • Picky Boy - Red
    Picky Boy - Red
    $15.90 SGD
  • Set of 3 - Sheep Pot Lid Lifts
    Set of 3 - Sheep Pot Lid Lifts
    $23.00 SGD

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