7 Colour Combinations We ABSOLUTELY Adore!

Sure, the usual simple and minimalistic pastel white and neutral hues are safe colours to play with. According to interior experts, these are the MVPs this year thus far.

Pick up your Wall Brushes, you’d want these contemporary hues in your home ASAP.

1. Blue on White Prints

Source: Pinterest, HouseBeautiful

This Classic Gustavian palette reflects glacial water against a late afternoon sky, exuding tranquility and calmness for your home. If you’re looking to make your house feel bigger, blue and white is a good option as it evokes brightness and light.

2. Minty Blue-Green

Source: Pinterest, Elle Decor

Let your living space sprout with style with this minty, pastel-like and earthy green hue provides a raw and natural finished look in your home. Green is arguably the most soothing colour to the human eye, lending personality and peacefulness to space. The usage of the colour green in your living space exudes a certain sense of confidence which most homeowners probably can’t find. Pop in a few accent pieces to complete the stunning look for your home!

3. Mahogany & Earthy Hues

Source: Pinterest

Scandinavian? Check. A nice contrast against a neutral background instead of the regular black and grey combination would be the mahogany, chocolate-brown undertone. This colour provides a good contrast, like the earth against the sky. It also grounds the room and picks up the tones of dark wood furniture. A (or a few) furniture piece in this shade of colour transcends your home subtly into a natural haven.

4. Rich Glow on Mineral Gray

Source: Pinterest, Bloglovin'

Line up your bedroom with a healthy dose of glow along with mineral gray accent wall, exposed whitewashed brick, and natural elements like rugs and fur throws for a sophisticated and classy feel.

5. Modern Hues

Source: Renonation

The modern chic look for your home doesn’t have to be boring and dull. Get creative with the black, white, red and grey colours. Brick Wall Feature concept included as well.

6. Pastels: Dusted Yellow & Pink

Source: Pinterest, Elle Decor

If the thought of bold colours in your home makes you feel a tinge of anxiety, don’t fret. Neutrals and muted colours are the IN thing nowadays. Pastel shades provides a soft and relaxing interior backdrop for your home.

7. Earthy Olives & Browns

Source: Pinterest

The natural combinations of taupe, olive green, white and brown insinuates a peaceful surrounding, with the furniture having just the right amount of contrast against the background.

We know, choosing the right colour combinations for your home is an important decision. However, let’s not forget about how lighting also plays a part in how your home looks. Think of lighting as an accessory for your home—it’s the perfect way to show off your unique design sensibility!


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