8 Cheeky Like A Monkey Things To Get This CNY

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OCBC Cards & HipVan have specially curated 8 funky items to add a twist and loads of fun to your Chinese New Year.

1. Eat Without Making A Mess

We know that you don’t want to leave a trace of evidence that you have indulged yourself in that piece of bak kwa, pineapple tart or mahjong tile. So why not get a finger nap to cover up stains & remnants of oily food?

The HipVan Blog
  • Fingernap Pocket Size
    Fingernap Pocket Size
    $4.70 SGD
  • Fingernap Dispenser
    Fingernap Dispenser
    $10.30 SGD
  • Fingernap Refill
    Fingernap Refill
    $6.30 SGD

2. A Different Kind of Steamboat

Instead of your typical steamboat… why not try Satay or Chilli Crab sauce in a fondue pot for your reunion dinner?

The HipVan Blog
  • Cheese Fondue Set - Red
    Cheese Fondue Set - Red
    $23.80 SGD
  • Tapas Fondue Black
    Tapas Fondue Black
    $93.20 SGD
  • Tapas Fondue Gouda
    Tapas Fondue Gouda
    $45.90 SGD

3. Huat Ah!

Get some lucky cushions to “huat up” this Chinese New Year! Not only will they bring you luck, they are also absolutely adorable and great to cuddle.

The HipVan Blog
  • Ang Ku Kueh Cushion
    Ang Ku Kueh Cushion
    $29.90 SGD
  • Money Bag Cushion
    Money Bag Cushion
    $29.90 SGD
  • Huat Kueh Cushion Cover
    Huat Kueh Cushion Cover
    $28.00 SGD

4. More Than Just a Seat

How about a place to sit where you can store your ang paos or perhaps “game money”? Get one of these versatile stools that can serve as a seat and storage compartment too.

The HipVan Blog
  • Tetris Stool - Red
    Tetris Stool - Red
    $125.00 SGD
  • Tetris Stool - Yellow
    Tetris Stool - Yellow
    $125.00 SGD
  • Tetris Stool - Green
    Tetris Stool - Green
    $125.00 SGD

5. Wheel The Joy Around

What better to pass the snacks (or fats) around than this mobile coffee table where you can wheel all the snacks/goodies/drinks so conveniently!

The HipVan Blog
  • Organize Storage Box with Wheels
    Organize Storage Box with Wheels
    $87.50 SGD
  • Industrial Coffee Table
    Industrial Coffee Table
    $410.00 SGD
  • Jamie Oliver Pizza Wheel
    Jamie Oliver Pizza Wheel
    $22.50 SGD

6. Festive Napkins!

Add an extra festive touch to your reunion dinners with these gorgeous vintage floral Napkins that even come in an exquisite box.

The HipVan Blog
  • Napkins in Box - Floral Blue
    Napkins in Box - Floral Blue
    $14.90 SGD
  • Napkins in Box - Floral Pink
    Napkins in Box - Floral Pink
    $14.90 SGD
  • Big Pink Flowers Table Cloth
    Big Pink Flowers Table Cloth
    $169.90 SGD

7. Never Too Many Shoes

No turning your house into a war zone with the many pairs of shoes during visitations. Get one of these zigzag shoe racks so no one steps on a “land mine” when they move in and out of the house!

The HipVan Blog
The HipVan Blog
  • Rakku Rakkido (Pink)
    Rakku Rakkido (Pink)
    $119.00 SGD
  • Shoe Rack
    Shoe Rack
    $400.00 SGD
  • Parrot Double Bowl - Pink
    Parrot Double Bowl - Pink
    $139.90 SGD

8. Impress With Coasters

Impress your guests with these festive CNY 'Lucky 8' Coasters bound to be a hit at every Reunion dinner table!

The HipVan Blog
  • Coins Coaster Set
    Coins Coaster Set
    $19.90 SGD
  • Industrial Coffee Table
    Coastero CNY 'Lucky 8' Coasters
    $28.88 SGD
  • Coastero Emojis II Coasters
    Coastero Emojis II Coasters
    $21.00 SGD

Remember, traditions and culture are important, but we can always freshen things up by with a few creative products!

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