Top 10 Things Singaporean Guys Do When Alone At Home

February 10, 2016 | Family & Relationships | News & Culture
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As the saying by Hedi Slimane goes, “Men are not supposed to be mysterious. That’s what you say about women. But I think Men can have a little of it, too”. 

With a little field research and some snooping on the Internet, we managed to dig out their best kept secrets – top 10 things Singaporean guys do when alone at home!

1. Gaming

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Well, surprise... not. Guys and their addiction to video games is nothing new. In fact, Stanford even did a study on this, and found that guys are at much higher risk than girls for video game addiction and compulsive gaming!

2. Hey, hot stuff!

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Muscular or not, guys love checking themselves out in the mirror. Whether they’ve been working hard in the gym or just chowing down an infinite amount of pizza, the average guy would still do the occasional flex or pose for the mirror!

3. Make the weirdest food combinations

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Mum’s not at home so that means that there’s no food. So what do they do? They’ll make a quick beeline for the fridge and inspect all the cabinets for food. Because no one is around at home to stop him from concocting the weirdest food combinations, he’ll experiment away!

P.S. Remember that weird jar of mystery stuff that’s been sitting in the fridge for the past few weeks? Yeah, they’ll eat that too :P

4. Singing in the shower

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Maybe they already do sing in the shower, but at softer volumes for fear of complaints from his sister or mother. But since nobody’s at home, he can finally belt out his pop star worthy (or not) vocals without a care in the world!

5. Doing random push-ups around the house (Trying to get gold for IPPT, maybe?)

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Push-ups on the kitchen counter? Check.

Push-ups in the living room? Check.

Push-ups in front of the dog? Check.

There’s just no telling to what guys won’t do when they’re alone at home!

6. But first, let me take a #selfie

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Don’t lie! Selfies are not just exclusive to girls…we’re pretty sure that if/when the day gets dull, guys sometimes do resort to taking selfies.

7. Pretend to be Ipman

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So they’ve probably just watched the latest Ipman movie and were left in awe of Donnie Yen’s cinematic martial arts prowess…

8. Watch sappy tv shows by ‘accident’

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Some guys hate to admit it but would still watch sappy TV shows and movies when they’re alone at home.

Yeah…he totally watched and cried at “The Notebook” because it was ‘the only thing’ that was showing on cable that day. Ok, we totally believe you.

9. Solo burping competition

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Since burping loudly in public is highly considered to be a general no-no, it’s no surprise at all that guys would take this perfect opportunity to see how loud and long they can burp for!

10. Thinking of absolutely nothing

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We kid you not, a study from the University of Pennsylvania has shown that men have the ability to think of nothing…and still function as a human being!

So there you have it! This list is probably just the tip of the iceberg because…it isn’t meant to box every guy into this list – we’re sure that every guy has his own different quirks too!