Top 10 Things Singaporean Girls Do When Alone At Home

February 11, 2016 | Family & Relationships | News & Culture
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There are days where we’d just love to chill the day away, alone at home. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of business we always get up to when at home, read on!

1. Fashion show!

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It’s an endless struggle to constantly need to decide what to wear whenever we go out. It doesn’t even matter if our wardrobes are bursting at its seams – it always feels as if there is nothing to wear!

What better way to solve the problem than to experiment and try on our clothes in various wacky combinations and styles? Sure…the room always ends up as a mess after but hey, I bet you didn’t think you’d find your favorite pair of shorts again.

2. Catch up on favorite TV shows

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We can be serial binge watchers when it comes to our favorite TV shows (especially our favorite Korean dramas!!!). Just give us a couple of seasons and we’ll gladly plonk down on our beds for the entire day!

3. And while at it…we paint our nails!

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We, girls are always somehow multi-tasking aren’t we? While catching up on our favorite shows, a good manicure session seems to follow.

This is where we bring out our entire collection of nail polishes that we have. We have the colors of the rainbow…and more! And since we have so many episodes to catch up on while we’re at it, expect us to change our nail color more than twice!

4. Cook or bake up a storm!

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Without mum around to nag on us NOT to burn down the kitchen, we’ll take this golden opportunity to try a yummy recipe we saw on Pinterest the other day.

5. Stalk Scroll through Instagram

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Girls love snooping and finding out the who’s who and what’s what of our scene. Expect us to spend a good hour or two on our phones just scrolling away. It could be the latest it girl, fashion blogger or their dreaded ex!

Apart from the stalking…we love those animal Instagram accounts too!

6. A good pampering session

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We’ll take a long shower and give ourselves a good pampering session while we’re at it. Exfoliate, moisturize, and shave – the whole drill.

7. Online shopping!

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We may not necessarily actually buy anything online that day but what we will do is spend a minimum of an hour just scrolling through endless pages of online stores. We’ll add it to the cart, contemplate on checking out…and then close the webpage. Because we know that online shopping is an addiction that can’t be stopped once started! :p

8. Selfies!

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Whenever a girl is alone at home, selfie taking is sure to ensue. They may never even be seen but who cares?

9. Taking the longest shower ever

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Long showers are just super therapeutic – especially when we’ve crafted our perfect concoction of shower gels and exfoliating products. While at it…we’ll most definitely belt out our favorite songs too!

10. Sleep

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It may have been the end of a tough week or day; we need our beauty sleep too. Don’t underestimate us girls; we can spend the entire day just chilling in bed!

This definitely isn’t all that we do at home…we’re sure that there are many more that have yet to be uncovered!