5 Easy Ways To Get The Botanical Look In Your Apartment

We are mid-way through 2019 and the Botanical Trend is still here to stay.
Living in one of the world’s lushest cities, it is now time to recreate the lush tropical look
indoors with our new Botanical Trend Collection.

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Bold And Beautiful

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Tropical Art Print Set on Paper $34.90 | Shop Here

Creating a lush look is not just limited to adding plants in every corner of your home.
Get unconventional with these bold art prints by hanging them up on your accent wall gallery.
Play around with the arrangement and framing to create a bohemian-chic tropical look.

Get Comfy With Cushions

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Tropical Cushion $17.90 | Shop Here

We have all seen these trendy cushions everywhere, but we still cannot get enough of them!
Decorative cushions are the simplest way to portray your love for the leaves.
These versatile pieces complement any lounging area, even your bed mattress, and bring coziness to your apartment.

Sense Of Serenity

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Potted Faux Bird of Paradise $119 | Shop Here

When it comes to plants, we believe in the ‘go big or go home’ philosophy. Create a statement with
a large faux plant which effortlessly brings in the lush and serene atmosphere
to your home. And the best part – you don’t have to painstakingly take care of this giant beauty!

Dress It Up

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Grico Basket – White $35.90 | Shop Here

To those who already have a few plants lying around in your apartment; spruce it up by
dressing your plant pots with these handwoven baskets. Scandinavian-themed homes
are popular amongst Singaporeans, and this elegant piece is definitely a great complement to its interiors.

Nature At Your Doorstep

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Lily Memory Foam Mat $14.90 | Shop Here

Plant-themed soft furnishings are a hassle-free way to incorporate elements of the leafy trend
into your apartment. With these quality mats, you can literally feel nature at your feet.

With our botanical trend collection,
you can easily turn your home into a tropical paradise this summer!

Shop The Botanical Trend Collection Here.


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