5 Simple Ways To Create A Cozy Scandinavian Bedroom

The Scandinavian interior look is one of Singaporeans’ popular home styles and we are not surprised. Focusing on simplicity, elegance and functionality, we are here to offer you 5 simple ideas to create your Scandinavian dream!


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Wooden Finishes


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Silas Queen Bed $899 | Shop Here

Wood is the go-to material when it comes to creating a Scandinavian inspired interior space. By selecting the perfect wooden bed, you are half way through in creating the Scandi look! This bed is crafted with natural textures and golden oak tones, bringing in the earthy feel into your bedroom.

Soft Cozy Textiles


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Grafico Dots Rug $1099 | Shop Here

Don’t be afraid to include unique patterns in your Scandinavian bedroom. Rugs instantly make your room feel cozy and inviting; select one that has neutral colours but has a strong form. This rug is light on the feet and is definitely a statement piece you should own.

Keep It Neutral


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Saturn Pouf $299 | Shop Here

When in doubt about what shade of furniture to pick for your Scandinavian room, think neutral. Scandinavian interiors aim to create a soothing effect, so pick a neutral palette with whites, blacks, browns and greys. This grey pouf is a classy addition to your cozy bedroom; its quiet details create a clean and calming look.

Decorate With Natural Elements


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Potted Faux Areca Palm Tree $149 | Shop Here

Botanicals such as plants and flowers complement the neutral palette of the Scandinavian bedroom, introducing vibrancy without going overboard. Placing a large faux plant in the corner of your room is a simple and fuss-free way to add more dimension into your interiors.

Illusion of Space


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Scarlett Full-Length Mirror $149 | Shop Here

Mirrors are your secret weapon to create an illusion of a larger space. This full-length mirror effortlessly creates an open and airy environment, which is essential for a Scandinavian space. More importantly, it offers a perfect spot for you to take your #OOTD pictures!

Achieving the Scandinavian look is now easier than you think. Adopt these ideas and get one step closer to your dream Scandinavian bedroom!

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