Fengshui tips for a happy healthy home!

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese concept linking the destiny, or a man’s situation to his environment. To live in harmony with your surroundings is also to have a better and more peaceful, healthy and successful life. Here are some tips to help you make yourself live a more harmonious life:

1. Living Room

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Try to have as much light in your living room as possible so as to promote positive energy! If natural light is not working in your favour, mirrors and layered lighting will do as well. In addition, the best sofas will be ones that have legs at the bottom to provide the flow of Qi.

2. Bedroom

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The most important part of your bedroom is your bed, and the placement of it is extremely important! The foot of your bed should never face the door directly as this will has the effect of Your face whilst sleeping should also not face a mirror as it will drain your Qi.

3. Study Room

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To make the most out of your working time, you should spend your time in your ‘power position’, which means your table should generally not face a wall and you are able to see the door or exit and entry point from your desk.

4. Kitchen

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Declutter, declutter, declutter! The kitchen is one of the top priorities for Feng Shui as it is where food is prepared to feed and nourish the mind and body. Invest in kitchen organisation tools to help you clean up your area and increase Qi flow. Besides, they are extremely useful in the long run!

5. Dining Room

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In Feng Shui, everything is about roundness. Sharp edges are said to emit negative energy and cause trouble and arguments amongst family members. Hence, round or oval shaped tables are best for feng shui! However, if you are bent on getting a rectangular or square table, try to get one with round edges to promote positive energy flow.


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