5 Renter-Friendly Personalisation Tips

Making a new house feel like home can be a challenge, and one that can be made even more challenging when restricted by various rental rules and landlord laws. While you might not be able to knock down walls or redo the flooring in a rental, there are thankfully plenty of other decorating options available, so that you can personalise your space and truly make it feel like home. Currently stuck and unable to think of ways to personalise your rental home? Here are 5 renter-friendly personalisation tips that will certainly help you to get started!

1. Hang some artwork

Living room with grey sofa, coffee table and rug, with 4 framed artworks hanging on the wall  Black white and grey painting hanging on wall behind bed

Hanging artwork around your new house is probably one of the easiest ways to personalise it and make it feel more like home. If you're thinking of hanging them on your walls, you might want to make sure that your landlord allows you to do so, to avoid incurring any potential penalties when you eventually move out. Rental agreement doesn't permit you to drill any holes on your walls? Try making use of adhesive wall hooks instead, which will achieve the same effect, without leaving behind any traces on your walls. 

2. Display your personal photographs 

Photos framed in silver frame and displayed on wall and on top of piano Photos stuck on fridge doors

One of the easiest ways to personalise a rental home is to display your personal photographs around the house. Whether it's pictures of your friends and family, your pets or pictures from some of your favourite travels, they'll certainly help to make your new house feel more like your own space, and one that's truly unique to you. Displaying some of your personal photos around your home can also help with improving your overall well-being as you'll be reminded of some of your favourite memories whenever you pass by these photos, thus putting a smile on your face and improving your mood. 

Consider framing them and placing them on the countertops of your TV console, dresser, piano, shelves, etc. You could even consider sticking them (with tape or blu-tac) on surfaces like your walls, closet doors and even on your fridge! 

3. Introduce some plants to your space  

Rattan cement pot with plant in it, placed on top of tableFaux fiddle leaf fig tree placed in living room beside sofa

Rattan Cement Pot (Close Cane)  $19.90 | Shop here

Potted Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree 150 cm  $119 | Shop here

There's nothing better than injecting some life into your space. Apart from helping to purify the air in your home, the addition of plants to your space can add some life, colour, texture and personality to your home, making any space instantly feel more welcoming, homey and lived-in. Afraid that you don't have a green thumb? Consider incorporating faux plants instead, which will achieve the same decorating effect, minus the maintenance and stress of trying to keep your plants alive when you have a black thumb. Whether you're using real or faux plants, play around with different planters, vases and pots which can also add additional details to your home. 

4. Change up your walls with non-paint jobs 

Urban Li'l Terrazzo Fabric Decal (Dunes)  Urban Li'l Boho Jumbo Rainbow Fabric Decal Simple Honey

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Painting the walls in your preferred colour is certainly an option that can make any space feel like your own. However, if you don’t want to spend time and money on repainting, or if your landlord simply doesn't allow you to do so, there are thankfully many alternative ways to spruce up your walls. Wallpaper, wall art and wall decals are certainly some options to consider, and ones that you can easily take off when moving out, without incurring any potential penalties. 

5. Incorporate the use of rugs 

Pile rug in grey with one leg of a wooden chair sitting on top of it

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Bare floors always seem to accentuate the emptiness of a space, due to the lack of anything to absorb sound. Thus, one of the first things that you can do to instantly make your new house feel more like home is to introduce some textiles, such as rugs and runners. Rugs, in particular, instantly make a house feel more lived-in and relaxed. They also serve to add some definition, character as well as personality to your space, to make it feel more like a home. 

There might also be times where the colour of the flooring in your new rental home isn't your preferred shade, colour or design. Rugs would thus be a great way to cover up some parts of your floors, so you can avoid being reminded of your distaste for the flooring in your new home. 


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