September Style Picks

And just like that, 9 months have passed. With 2018 inching to an end, we want to share with you the new things that just arrived, the things that will catch an eye, and of course the things we are crazy about. 

1. Venice Dining Chair  Oak, Light Grey

The perfect oasis is often created by bringing nature indoors and we cannot agree more. The unique structure of the Venice Dining Chair adds an unsuspected playfulness to any dining room. Pair it with a round solid wood table for a simple and classy dining room setting.

2. Serano Basket  White

Handmade and natural? Yes, please! The Serano Basket is a versatile piece of home decor that is both beautiful and functional. Handmade from stitches and tweets, it goes exceptionally well with the ever popular Scandinavian themed homes. We suggest to use it as a planter or to organise loose items.

3. Grasshoppa Floor Lamp  Blue Grey

Nothing says style like a designer statement piece lighting up a room. The Grasshoppa Floor Lamp was first produced in 1947 and became an iconic and timeless piece still loved by many pursuers of art and style. Its unique and modern structure mixes well in a variety of interior designs so you don't have to worry about matching it with your other home decor pieces. We suggest putting it beside an armchair for lazy Sunday reads!

4. Chloe Round Coffee Table - Rose Gold 

Rose Gold is the best Gold! Yes, we dare say it! This bold statement piece is every girl's dream come true with its pretty shade of pink and clean metallic finishing. Also available in square versions and side tables, the Chloe Round Coffee Table in Rose Gold is undeniably captivating and a must-have this September.

Image sources: Pinterest


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