4 Signs It’s Time To Swap Out Your Sofa For A New One

The living room is often described as the heart of the home, and sofas are an integral part of it. For many families, the sofa is one of the most important and used pieces of furniture in their homes. 

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Sofas are furniture pieces that typically last for anywhere between 7 to 15 years. However, depending on factors like your lifestyle or how well or often you clean and maintain your sofa, its lifespan could vary. Rather than using the average lifespan of a sofa as a benchmark of when you should swap out your current piece for a new one, here are 4 more accurate signs that will tell you when to do so: 

1. It's no longer comfortable 

Your sofa is often the place you go to unwind after a long day and week, so you'd definitely want it to be a comfortable place where you're able to sit or lie down on. If your sofa is starting to feel uncomfortable it's probably high time that you replace it and get a new one.

That being said, it's worth noting that even if your sofa's still rather comfortable, a sagging sofa or flattened cushions also indicate that you should replace your sofa as a sofa that doesn't provide proper support could contribute to back issues. So prevent this by replacing your sofa once you notice that it's no longer providing sufficient back support. 

2. You hear creaking noises 

Contrary to popular belief, creaking noises from your sofa aren't normal. Neither are they signs of its character. Regular creaking could indicate that your sofa's frame or structure has experienced some kind of structural damage or is simply wearing down. Before it completely falls apart or injures you, it'd be best to get it replaced ASAP. 

If you're hearing such noises from a relatively young sofa, it might indicate an issue in the construction of your sofa and you should probably speak to the manufacturer or retailer to see if they can get it fixed or replaced for you. 

3. It smells 

Regardless of how often you clean or maintain your sofa, it's bound to develop some kind of odours over time. While most odours can be relatively easy to put up with, if your sofa is starting to develop strong, unpleasant odours that can't seem to disappear even with professional cleaning or be masked by fragrances like your candles or diffusers or room sprays, you might want to consider replacing it. 

4. Simply tired of it or your style has changed 

Over the years, it's inevitable that your personal tastes and styles will change. Whether you chose a classic sofa or an eclectic one, it's perfectly understandable that you might get sick of it after a while and might want to change up your home. Additionally, for most people, the options available when picking pieces for their first home can be quite limited, due to size, space and budget, so it's only normal to want to treat yourself and get an upgrade when you're finally able to do so! 

Don't just throw out your sofa, though! You could consider selling it or donating it, so that it doesn't go to waste, especially if it's still relatively new. When picking out your new sofa, think about how your tastes have changed and invest in a high-quality sofa that you know you’ll love and be able to use for the years to come!


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