Why Stasher Bags Are The Perfect Replacement For All Your Single-Use Plastic Bags

From snacks to leftovers to pet treats to cables, plastic bags are essential items that are used in virtually every household, to store anything and everything. Over the years, however, we've definitely become increasingly aware of the negative impact that plastic (and plastic waste) can have on our environment. 

For those who may be trying to embark on a greener lifestyle or are simply trying to find alternate storage solutions, give Stasher bags a go! 

What are stasher bags?

Stasher bags are perhaps one of the best replacements for all your single-use plastic bags that are available on the market right now. Available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, Stasher bags are highly versatile tools that can be used for just about anything and everything. Completely free of BPA, BPS, lead, latex, and phthalates, Stasher bags have also passed all U.S. and Canadian food safety standards and are thus completely safe for storing food.

Compared to single-use plastic bags, Stasher bags made from platinum silicon, meaning that they are washable and reusable. In fact, if cleaned and maintained correctly, they can last for up to 3,000 uses, replacing the thousands of single-use plastic bags that would typically end up in our oceans and landfills. Every single time you opt to use a Stasher bag instead of a disposable, single-use plastic bag, you're actually making a small choice to help our planet. Your small actions contribute to preventing single-use plastics from polluting our environment!

Examples of ways to use your Stasher bags: 

From the freezer to microwave to oven to our daily going-out bags, Stasher bags are highly versatile and can be used for virtually every need. 

1. Use them for Sous Vide 

Blue stasher bag used for sous vide, with 2 other stasher bags placed in front of it to store vegetables

Sous vide is a cooking method that has risen in popularity over the years. This method requires food to be sealed in an airtight bag. Thereafter, these bags are placed in water for longer than normal cooking times (usually one to six hours) at a regulated temperature that is much lower than normally used for cooking. The intent of this cooking method is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and retain moisture. 

However, this method traditionally makes use of sealed, single-use plastic bags. This would thus typically mean that you'll have to go numerous bags that will eventually end up in the trash. Thankfully,  you'll be able to avoid this accumulation of waste when you replace these plastic bags with Stasher bags, which are perfectly safe for sous vide. 

2. Freeze your leftovers or meal-prep

Make meal time easy and store made-ahead portions in the fridge or prep a variety of freezer meals for future use.

Stasher bags used to store soup in the freezer  Stasher bags being used to store food in freezer

Stasher bags are also spill-proof, making them perfect for storing all your liquids. Use them to store leftover homemade pasta sauces or soups which are always handy to have in the freezer, particularly for those days where you're simply not in the mood to cook. 

3. Store your leftovers 

Stasher bags are great for storing all your leftovers. In fact, their design also means that they're also space-efficient, taking up little room in your fridge or freezer. 

Stasher bags being used to store leftover vegetables

4. Reheat your food 

Stasher bags are able to withstand temperatures up to 204°C, making it perfectly safe for you to reheat your food, whilst they're still placed in your bags. Reheat your food on the stove or microwave or even the oven. 

To reheat or steam fresh or frozen food in the microwave, simply leave your Stasher bag open to vent. Do remember to handle your Stasher bags with caution when removing them from your microwave as they'll be piping hot, so take care not to burn yourself!

Reheating food placed in stasher bag over the stove  Using stasher bag to make popcorn in microwave

5. Marinate 

Use your Stasher bags to marinate your food (e.g. meat, fish or vegetables)! 

Using clear stasher bag to marinate salmon

6. Perfect for packing food and snacks with you when you're on the go 

For all you busy people who don't have sufficient time to sit down and finish your meal, Stasher bags are perfect for packing your food and snacks so that you can always have access to them while you're on the go. Their slim design also means that they won't take up much space in your bags, making it extremely handy and convenient to slip them into your bags. 

Using stasher bags to store snacks when you're on the go

7. Use them for anything and everything 

Truthfully, the list of ways to make use of your Stasher bags is practically endless and you can truly use them for anything and everything. Whether you use them to keep your cables organised in your bag or to store your pet's treats on a day out or to store your face masks or to pack your toiletries on your next vacation, Stasher bags are truly great tools to have in your arsenal.  

Stasher bags being used for storing toothbrush and creams  Dog holding stasher bag that contains its treats

How to wash them: 

To wash your Stasher bags, either use soap and water to wash them by hand or simply toss them in your dishwasher.

Washing stasher bag in dishwasher

However, when washing your Stasher bags, avoid turning them inside out as doing so will only cause them to tear. Additionally, be careful with sharp objects as they may puncture the bags. 


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