TWO-Steps to a Japanese Styled Homes!

Get into the zen!

Japnese designs have always been known to be minimalistic, but the word in its essence has been used too much in too many contexts. Let's make things easy and break it down into two things, (i) Clean & (ii) Uncluttered. 

This means making sure that you keep your place neat and tidy. It DOESN'T mean that you need to clean your house every day. Simple things like putting stuff that you don't use regularly away. Having necessary and functional furniture and not clutter your space with shelves that you don't actually use other than to show off your Primary School Trophies from 15 years ago. 

The simplest hack is to add a touch of nature to your home. What better way to do that than the natural beauty of  solid wood furniture. Oh, and don't forget to add that splash of green Botanics for that flowerful impact of natural greens. 

Yes, solid wood furniture may seem a "duh", but there are other factors you should also take into consideration when choosing solid wood furniture. It may be easy to pair even with pastel coloured walls, but the shade of your furniture can complement the colour tone of your walls and add to the theme you're going for. Japanese minimalistic themes always love to have space and light, white walls tend to fair best in reflecting natural light. 

And, especially for the busy individuals of today's working world, faux plants are quickly catching on. Achieving the design style and hosts' bragging rights, whilst not having to bother with the hassle of actually taking care of plants placed in all the different locations of your home. 

Well, with these simple tricks, you can start getting your home looking like your dream holiday to Japan! 

Thanks for reading!

By: Theodore from HipVan


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