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Buy Dining Chairs & Stools Online in Singapore

Choose your dining style from a range of Dining Chairs, Designer Replica Chairs, Stools & more.

A dining chair must perfectly complement your dining table, and also be sturdy and comfortable.
Choose from a wide range of wooden chairs for your dining room: high or low backs, with armrests or without, upholstered seats and bare ones, and much more. For contemporary breakfast nooks, pull up bar chairs to your kitchen island and set them out later that evening for a cocktail party. If you want to mix things up, opt for accent chairs that can double as dining chairs when your dinner party expands without warning.The art of decorating your home is a complex and never-ending process, browse through our selection to find the perfect one for your home.

Deciding on the right chair:

1. Wood: Before you pair your chairs to tables, take a moment to recognise the style of table you have. Wooden tables are minimalist in terms of style. Based on that simplicity, choose wooden dining chairs, or even chairs that have wooden legs and a leather seating to spice things up a little. However, ensure that the wooden features of the chair are largely visible such that they will be able to compliment the wooden table well.

2. Colours: Bright coloured chairs would go well with modern styled tables. This pop of colour will add finesse to your home, complimenting your contemporary styled table.

3. Bar stools: Choose from a variety of industrial style bar stools to wooden bar chairs. Bar stools and bar chairs are a great addition to any dining room, to create a casual look. HipVan is the perfect place to find that rattan bar stool or metal bar stool that shows off your beautiful sense of style.

Extra tip!

Make a statement with designer stools for your living room. If you're living in a small apartment, storage stools can be a great way to declutter your living room or bedroom in style. Stackable stools are also great for when you have unexpected guests at home, and provide extra seating whenever you need it.