HipVan’s Response to Covid-19

Dear customers,

Thank you for your trust and support in HipVan amid this critical period. We would like to update you on the steps taken by us to serve you safely during these trying times.

Deliveries to Continue

As declared during the public announcement made on 4th April 2020 by the Singapore Government, logistics and online retail are listed as exemptions on business shutdowns. As such, we will continue to make deliveries, while taking extra precautions. Due to safety measures taken, the number of our deliveries slots might be fewer than usual.

When can I get the items if I order them?

You can get a quick estimation of our earliest available delivery on our product pages. Click on Check delivery timings, and enter your postal code to get an estimation.

Instructional Gif on how to check a product's estimated earliest delivery date
Easily find out your earliest available delivery

If you are buying multiple items, the earliest available delivery will be based on the item that takes the longest to arrive. This is because we consolidate your order and only deliver when all items have reached our warehouse.

Earliest available timing may differ based on items in your cart

Additional Measures to Safeguard Health & Safety

Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us. In view of the current situation in Singapore, we have taken the following measures to ensure the safety of all our delivery teams, as well as their families:

  • As advised by MOM, we have implemented split-team arrangements for our frontline delivery team and warehouse team
  • We will be requiring customers who are receiving deliveries into their home to complete a health declaration form before our team can proceed for delivery
  • We continue with daily health monitoring and temperature checks for all delivery and warehouse team members
  • Each delivery team member is issued face masks, a bottle of hand soap, hand sanitizers, and anti-bacterial wet wipes which they will use to wash and sanitize their hands before and after each delivery. These items are constantly replenished every day

Please stay safe and healthy.

Team HipVan

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