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What makes our home special

  • Couple Living with Kids
  • 4 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~900 sqft
  • Contemporary
  • what makes our home special// contrary to popular belief, going dark ≠ bachelor pad😂 we opted for a modern contemporary/lux theme, as we both loved how the neutral black and grey hues gave our home a cosy vibe without losing style. apart from the darker theme, here are some features in the house that makes it a little more special for us✨
  • black on black// more is more, haha. we purposely chose to add black ornaments on our full black shelving, and the different shades and textures of black allowed our ornaments to still stand out in the midst of darkness.
  • white accents// of course, an additional touch of light coloured furniture helped to balance the house tones a little. doesn't hurt that they matched the husband's love for games and music🤓
  • marble// this was tough, haha. while the husband LOVED the idea of having marble in the house, the wife was very against it, for fear of gaudiness😂 however, we managed to come to compromise with marbled tops for our kitchen and island tops, which turned out sooo good! instead of marble, we actually got Vene, which were known for their sturdiness and tolerance for hot items. price point may be slightly high, but was it worth it? definitely!
  • curves// who hates knocking into corners like us🖐🏼 it was a slight splurge, but we opted for rounded corners for all our carpentry, and don't they look so amazing😭 these are must-haves, especially for those who aren't fans of ugly bumpers and want to have a child-proof/adult-proof (😂) home!
  • more curves// we chose curved corners even for other furnitures, in order for our overall design to flow throughout the home. while it was definitely a risk to purchase dining chairs online without trying them, we REALLY wanted to customise chairs that matches our home's aesthetics. thankfully, we were super blessed to have found comfy AND aesthetic dining chairs, phew! it's tricky purchasing online, so proceed after doing sufficient research on your own🤓
  • 22 February 2023
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