Our bright and airy kitchen ❤️

  • Couple Living with Kids
  • 3 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,300 sqft
  • Free Style
  • Here’s our open concept kitchen! We wanted a rounded edge island with fluted panels at the sides. Having the kitchen open makes our house look and feel much bigger- so no regrets here!
  • From the start we have always wanted a farmhouse sink for our kitchen. Really happy to have found a good quality one (at an affordable rate!) from Bacera :) Gold handles and tap was a must to add a touch of luxury to our kitchen!
  • It was so difficult to find a good white oven- really happy with this one so far! Size is just right for our family of 4. :)
  • Got these decor during our stay in the states
  • The kitchen is one the spaces at home that I spend most of my time in. Glad that my ID brought my vision to life :)
  • 15 April 2023
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