self designed 1216sqft mid century modern home, infused with our personality!

Our Simple Living Room: It's so-fa so good

  • Couple Living
  • ≥5 br
  • HDB (Resale)
  • ~1,200 sqft
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Hello everyone! Welcome to our living room where we spend most of our waking hours if we are home. We generally used loose furniture here instead of built in carpentry as we prefer having the option to switch things up when we feel like it :) For the lights, besides having eyeball ceiling lights around the living room, we also have cove lights which is our usual preferred option as it creates a very cozy ambience.
  • This full length mirror is where I have a final check on my outfit before heading out for the day and where we can take mirror selfies :) We added a faux plant there to brighten up the place and we designed niche shelves to display some decor.
  • We intentionally asked for a false wall as a TV feature wall so that we can mount the TV and hide the TV cable in the false wall. The Samsung Frame TV is known to be a TV that could look just like an art frame hanging in a gallery and we wanted to create that effect.
  • We painted the wall ourselves using textured paint in a greige shade to create a "limewash" effect as we felt that it will suit the TV and the colours in our living room very well. There is a power track located behind our TV console so that all the wires from the different gadgets and hubs can stay hidden. This is something to keep in mind if you are looking to keep your TV area neat :)
  • As our sofa is quite big (2.74m long and ~1.1m wide), we did not want to squeeze in a big coffee table and so we opted for a C shape table which can be used both vertically and horizontally. This comes in handy when we want to drink or snack on something when sitting on the sofa.
  • Our sofa is honestly very comfortable, proven by the number of times we have fallen asleep here... and we love that the headrest can be put up or down. It is in a very nice cream shade which blends in nicely with all colours.
  • The dining table is situated right behind the sofa, so that when we have guests over, everyone can gather in this area and with the headrests kept down, it makes it easy for people to have conversations across both areas. To read more about our dining area, please refer back to our previous post :) Special mention to our motorized Venetian blinds, it is connected to our smart home system which saves us the hassle of having to manually open or close the blinds as we can command it to automatically open/close at certain times of the day.
  • On the other side of the living room, we have the entrance to our kitchen as well as a side board where we display items that we love.
  • Zooming in, this is another wall that we painted using textured paint, this time in a forest green shade, and we love how it goes really well with walnut wood. We also like having some retro elements around the house, so we displayed our vinyl player, Minolta vintage film camera and other knick knacks here. The cuckoo clock was a gift from a friend who brought it to us all the way from Germany because he thought it would fit perfectly with our green wall and it truly is perfect :)
  • And that's all for this week. Thanks for reading till the end, goodnight! :)
  • 27 March
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