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OSIM uSqueez 2 Leg Massager *Online Exclusive!*


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  • 1 year warranty Learn more
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  • Targeted reflexology massage
    As our feet carry the entire weight of our body, it is important that they are in good health. uSqueez 2 delivers a strong sole massage that is capable of relieving your sole pains, while stimulating your feet's reflex zones to heal body ailments and aches.
    Reflexology benefits:
    1. Improve circulation
    2. Improve health
    3. Promote healing
    4. Detox the body
    5. Release endorphins
    6. Promote relaxation

    uSqueez 2’s targeted reflex zones
    The feet is made up of specific reflex zones that correspond to different organs and the energy pathways in the body.
    uSqueez 2’s massage rollers and nodes can target these reflex zones to optimize the functioning of the organs by improving blood flow and increasing lymphatic fluid movement to get rid of toxins.
    Regular reflexology massage can further help to relieve tension and pain on the corresponding body parts, improving overall health.

    Flips up to 158˚ for extended acupressure massage
    The uSqueez 2’s unique adjustable kneading plates can be flipped up to reach your thighs, massaging the various acupressure points on your feet, calves and thighs for the maximum massage coverage.

    Wide and narrow modes
    The kneading plates can be adjusted to Wide or Narrow to fit different leg sizes. You can also select Narrow mode for a stronger massage experience.

    uSqueez 2's targeted acupressure points
    The uSqueez 2's adjustable kneading plates allow you to reach and massage all these acupressure points, even those on your thighs.
    1. Outer thigh, Fēng shì(风市), Yīn Shì(阴市)
    Fēng shì reduces sciatica pains, while Yīn Shì eliminates chills and coldness.
    2. Inner thigh, Yīn bāo(阴包), and Jī mén(箕门)
    Yīn bāo relieves lower back pain and Jī mén reduces sciatica pains.
    3. Outer calf, Zú sān lǐ(足三里)
    Helps to re-energize, reduce feelings of fatigue and to relieve constipation issues.
    4. Inner calf, Dì jī(地机)
    Reduces edema, leg swelling issues and indigestion problems.
    5. Sole, Lǐ nèi tíng(里内庭)
    Relieves gastric pain and stomach cramps.
    6. Arch, Yǒng quán(涌泉)
    Eliminates heatiness and regulates bowel movements.
    7. Heel, Shī mián(失眠)
    Helps with insomnia and headaches to calm the mind.

    Humanized Hand Massage
    Comprising of 5 types of professional massage techniques packed into one small versatile massager, uSqueez 2 accurately emulates the hands of a professional masseuse to give you a comprehensive leg massage that targets all your leg massage needs.

    1. Kneading plates (Great for versatile massage) Designed to feel like the hands of a masseuse, the kneading plates deliver a palm and finger-like technique that kneads away deep-seated knots and improves circulation for a deeply satisfying massage.
    2. Acupressure massage nodes With plenty of acupressure points on our legs, the massage nodes are specially engineered to target and stimulate these points using a finger-like pressing technique for a professional acupressure massage.
    3. Reflex rollers (Intense for foot reflexology) The reflex rollers situated on arches of the feet stimulate the vital reflex points to improve blood circulation, providing instant relief from tightness in your soles.
    4. Warm air Emulating the warmth of the human hand, the warm air soothes the tensed muscle to further aid muscle relaxation and enhances the curative benefits of massage.
    5. Vibration The vibration effect further boosts blood circulation in your feet, enhancing the massage effects by revitalizing the underlying muscles.

    Product Usage Suitability:

    This product is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment of conditions that should be managed by a qualified health care provider. If you are under any medication or fall into any of the following categories (but not limited to), please consult your health care provider first before purchase / use: a) Heart diseases, b) High, or low blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), c) Pregnant, d)Diabetes, e)Individuals fitted with medical implants (e.g pacemaker, automatic cardiac defibrillator (AICD), f) Recently underwent surgical operations, g) Those with any bone conditions like fractures, osteoporosis.
  • Dimensions
    W51.5 D44.5 H47 cm
    11.5 kg
  • Materials
    Colour: Purple
  • Care
    • Assembly not applicable
    • 1 year warranty

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