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Your bedroom is bound to be the most important part of your home, so don’t be afraid to personalise it to your liking! Choose from our specially curated bedroom sets to find a style that suits you best.

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The bedroom is probably the most personal space in your home; a place where you can unwind and be yourself. Therefore, don't be afraid to express yourself! Choose your bedroom furniture according to your personal tastes and preferences. Make sure you design the place for your ultimate comfort and relaxation - it makes all the difference in helping you relax. The centrepiece of your bedroom is definitely the bed, with matching bedside tables serving as perfect complementary pieces to elevate the visual quotient of the entire room. The problem is - matching bed frames and bedside tables are not easy to come by. Fret not, we are here to help! Our curated bedroom sets have grouped together with the bed frames and bedside tables that best complements one another! With quality assured, choose from our wide selection of bedroom sets to find one that can create the sanctuary you desire. Our sets also have beds of all sizes. Need a double bed? Choose between a queen bed or a king bed. The best part? Get them at discounted rates!

What Makes a Great Bed

Every well-designed bed is a great bed, but what's the best bed for you depends on your needs. Space might be a constraint when deciding on which bed to purchase. Decide between a single bed, super single bed, queen size bed or king size bed to find one that does not take up too much space in your bedroom; you want to make sure that you have ample walking space.

Low lying divan beds are chic and space-efficient, making them ideal for guest rooms. Seeking superior comfort? A bed with headboard is more comfortable and provides you with the kind of comfort that you need when watching an episode of your favourite NETFLIX show. Choose a storage bed if you know that you will be needing more space. When it comes to the material of the bed frame, there are two things to consider - design and comfort. Well, HipVan has comfort assured. So all that's left is to find a design that matches the aesthetics and decor of your room.

Things To Consider When Buying A Mattress
A good mattress is crucial for a good night's sleep. We have taken special care to design, manufacture, test and bring to you our range of premium mattresses. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, or whether you prefer springs or foam, or whether you like soft mattresses or firm, we've carefully thought of all the options in our collection. With competitive factory prices, premium quality, our mattresses for sale are great value for money. We trust them so much that we provide a 12 years warranty with them and a 100 nights free trials. Now that's confidence.
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