How do I post?

  1. Click on the big dotted grey box to upload photos of your home
  2. Caption your photos and write about your home styling ideas
  3. Tag products and materials featured in your post
  4. Submit the post and share it with your friends and family!

How do I create a good post that will receive many likes?

Wide angle shots of the space
Take photos that can fully capture the structure/furniture arrangement of the space that you are introducing from ceiling to floor. Wide angle shots can help to showcase the entirety of your home!
Shots that focus too much on a specific area makes the place look stuffy and narrow.
Wide angle shots can perfectly showcase different parts of your room in one glance.
Photos from different angles
Feel free to be experimental - your photos will look different from various angles! You can also crop your photos to highlight specific accents of your home/room/area.
Try not to take photos from a higher angle - it does not show off your area nicely.
Close up shots can amplify certain features of your area - they are great to showcase smaller items.
Clear and natural photos without a filter effect
We prefer natural and bright photos that are relatively unfiltered. Try taking the photos in natural sunlight!
A filtered photo might take away some of the radiance of your photo, and make it pixelated.
Natural lighting helps to illuminate all parts of your area in a balanced and bright manner!


When will I get my reward points?

Typically, HipVan will take 3-5 business days to evaluate each post and allocate any corresponding reward points to the relevant user account upon approval. If you have any questions regarding any of your posts or reward points, please contact us via email by writing to

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