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Our vases, pots and planters are designed to light up your creativity with your home. Choose from accent vases made of glass, recycled plastic and ceramic vases. Hurry, don't let your flowers get naked and dress them in our beautiful vases now!

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Buy Garden Décor online in Singapore

Buy Vases, Pots & Planters Online in Singapore

Update your décor with accent vases, pots and planters!

Display a lovely arrangement of flowers in a stylish way with a beautiful and functional accent vase that complements your home furnishing. A spot of greenery can make your house look and feel more cosy or beautify your balcony. With unconventional pots and planters, you can make your home interior more interesting. HipVan's vast collection includes glass vases and porcelain vases, as well as a whole range of flower pots, planters and planter boxes. With our products, it is easy to have an indoor garden that is both innovative and functional.

Accent vases with unique designs for your home decor

From glass, plastic to ceramic vases, you'll bound to find something suitable to display your beautiful flowers! Take Bosske Cube for instance, an always elegant and versatile vase which gives your home a perfect finishing touch. Not only that, it also features Slo-Flo watering system which makes it a self-watering planter. Forgetting to water your plants every morning would soon be a distant concern. Or try something unconventional like the Boskke Sky Planter. Made from environmentally-friendly recycled plastic, this upside-down planter is sure to be a unique addition to your home without sacrificing any floor space at all! With a wide selection of pots and vases - we have rectangular, cylindrical, oval, haxagonal, round and more shapes that will fit in every corner of your home, you can definitely find a planter that can best display your favourite plants!

Fancy something more portable and smaller?

Our collection of ceramic vases along with dried flowers in various designs will definitely improve the aesthetics of your living space or even your office! Choose from a wide selection of Nordic Matte Vases and Mini Vases in your favourite style and palette.

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