Rocking chairs, accent chairs, beanbag chairs and dressing chairs: we've got it all covered. Our stunning selection of chairs promises you comfort, quality and functionality in any room of your home. Our extensive range of curated seating options means you’re guaranteed to find your ideal chair at a fair price.

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Buying Chairs online in Singapore is Easier Than Ever!

Every chair serves a different purpose- it’s why we don’t put bean bags at the dining tables or dining chairs in the dressing room! Despite stylistic differences, every chair should be comfortable and serve its function well. HipVan chairs are of premium quality and designed to last a lifetime in your home.

We want you to have the best online shopping experience possible, that’s why our delivery service runs 7 days a week all over Singapore! If you order an acrylic chair or beanbag chair and decide it’s not for you or doesn’t fit your space, you can return it with no hassle! Find out more in our FAQs.

Our Range of Chairs

The right chair can tie a space together and make it more visually dynamic and welcoming. Shop your ideal chair from our range of rocking chairs, wooden chairs, accent chairs and more. We have chairs in all types of materials and textures to suit your own unique style.

Choosing a material for your chair: Wooden, acrylic, and more

Choosing a material for your chair is important. The wrong material makes it stand out in the room or clash with other pieces. We offer solid wooden living room chairs for an elegant finish or plush white dressing chairs, for that dramatic flair. If you’re after an option that is kid friendly and versatile, our range of bean bag sofas will be perfect for you! Or for a more mature look, an acapulco floor chair will add that effortlessly sophisticated touch to your home.

Accent Chairs

Do you want your chairs to be a tasteful statement in your room? Our accent chairs are perfect for you. We offer DSW chair replicas for a modern touch or acapulco rocking chairs for a more homely finish. Whether you want bedroom chairs or sleek living room chairs, we’re confident you’ll find something in our range to be the finishing touch for your home decor dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Range of Chairs

Can you get rid of my old chairs?

Yes we can! We offer a same day disposal service for your convenience. When purchasing your new chair, simply add either a medium or large disposal to your order. With your old furniture carted away instantly, you can get to styling your new furniture arrivals as soon as possible to transform your home into a haven.

What chair should I choose for my home?

The accent chair you choose will depend on your specific needs. If you want a comfortable chair for your dressing room, our plush white chairs may be ideal for you. If you’re accomodating children or need a versatile piece of furniture for all ages, our bean bag lounges may suit your needs better. We deliver our chairs all over Singapore. To find your ideal chair even on a budget, check out our sales and discounts page!

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