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Comfortable Mattresses Online in Singapore

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We've accomplished bedroom is the most 'you' room in a home. So, why not have a mattress that adjusts to you and your body too? Complete your bed with a mattress from our collection: offering pocket spring and memory foam mattresses. 100-day free returns and free shipping in Singapore delivered directly to your home, so you can rest even before your bed arrives.

Things to consider when buying a mattress

A good mattress is crucial for a good night's sleep. We have taken special care to design, manufacture, test and bring to you our range of premium mattresses. Whether you are a side sleeper or you sleep on your back, or whether you prefer springs or foam, or whether you like soft mattresses or firm, we've carefully thought of all the options in our collection. With competitive factory prices, premium quality, our mattresses are great value for money. We trust them so much that we provide a 12 years warranty with them and a 100 nights free trials.

We love our mattresses

Everyone here at HipVan owns a HipVan mattress. It isn't a rule but once we all tested the mattress, we had to get it. We all swear by it. A downside is that we can't make an excuse of back or neck ache to take a day off!