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Cosy up your home with our rugs & mats, decorative cushions, throws & curtains. A living room is incomplete without these furnishings that make your home warm & inviting and set the right ambience for every room. Shop our selection of beautiful, quirky, stylish & affordable rugs, cushions, throws & curtains.
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Buy Rugs, Cushions & Throws online in Singapore

Shop Rugs & Cushions Online in Singapore

Cosy up your home with our rugs & mats, decorative cushions, throws & curtains.

Decorate your floor in comfort and style with our assortment of rugs and mats! A well placed rug brings the entire room together and gives it a warm and inviting look. Our wide selection of rugs includes all shapes and sizes of popular styles, from plaided rugs to oriental rugs, striped rugs to door mats and everything in between. Enjoy the lush feel of our area rugs beneath your bare toes after a long day of walking, or add a modern outdoor rug to your patio or entryway and rejuvenate both your home and spirits. Keep the dirt of the rooms by using cute floor mats & door mats!

Use decorative cushions to dress up your living and bedroom spaces, be it for a more cosy feel or a more elegant feel. Before choosing your cushions, remember to take note of the fabric! Cotton and Linen cushions tend to be more cooling as they are made up of breathable fabric, suitable best for the Singapore heat. Plain, quirky, stylish, funny, we've got a wide variety of cushions.

A sofa in a living room is incomplete without a few cushions thrown on it and a throw covering it. Not just on couches, use it for as many ways as you like; be it a bed throw, sofa throw, or throw blanket. It keeps you warm and cosy while you lounge all day and create a lovely look in your living room (best blanket in Singapore!) Shop from our selection of throws for your comfy needs!

Curtains that complement the furniture and home decor can set the right ambience for every room in your house. Remember, sheer curtains help regulate the light in the room while heavy ones act as sunblock curtains. Complete your bedroom or living room with a perfect set of drapes.
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