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Save time and effort with our carefully curated collection of kitchen appliances, ranging from induction cookers, fryers and toasters to coffee makers and more! Sure to make cooking more effortless, these kitchen appliances were designed for modern living.

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You are bound to use your kitchen appliances on the daily - from boiling hot water every day or getting a cup of morning coffee from your coffee maker. We also have a variety of ovens and toasters for the perfect breakfast. Think they are going to be boring, in lame and monotonous colours only? Well, think again! Here at HipVan, even our blenders are available in a rainbow of colours! With these fun and interesting items, your life will be full of colour and excitement. We guarantee it. Check out these efficient and useful kitchen appliances, designed to help you spend more quality time with your family! An induction cooker is a great alternative to traditional gas and electric stovetops. They can sit directly on your countertop and will cook your food quickly and efficiently. As there are no external flames and the top of the induction cooker is flat, you don't have to worry about the pots spilling or toppling, completely child-safe. For us urban dwellers, the pressure cooker is an efficient and quick alternative - it uses far less energy than many other appliances. Pressure cookers will cook your rice in just minutes, and other foods in less than half an hour.

Have a sweet tooth or craving for your favourite dessert? Why not make your own desserts in just minutes with our best selection of functional dessert makers, such as a Cuisinart yoghurt maker! Making your own ice cream means you know exactly what's going inside: no more ice cream that is full of fat and doesn't taste good! You get to customise your own flavours too, so you finally get to see if Nasi Lemak ice cream actually works. With your own ice cream maker, every day becomes ice cream day.

Every coffee maker is different, but most of these are automatic, which means you get the perfect brew every single time. For the actual usage itself, we carry coffee makers that are easy to use and intuitive, so you don't have to fuss around in the mornings. All about that cold pressed juice life? Get a juicer to make your own at a fraction of the price! It is a healthy way to start your morning right, jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients in every gulp. Easy to clean and efficient at taking all the juice out from your fruit without reducing all the good stuff inside, make sure you get one for the perfect energy booster in the morning!

An electric kettle, or a water dispenser, is an essential kitchen appliance, giving you hot water in a matter of minutes! A stylish kettle, or a countertop water dispenser, can make the difference between an average kitchen and an iconic one. For the coffee or tea fanatic at home, electric kettles are definite must-haves! If you live in a dormitory or work in an office, they are a wonderful option to make hot water without walking all the way to the pantry. Because most electric kettles are automatic, they turn off on their own without needing you to worry that you might overwork the kettle.

An electric mixer, whether a hand mixer or a stand mixer is literally heaven-sent for anyone who loves to be in the kitchen. From novice bakers to avid bakers, they are great for them! No more tired and sore arms again! So easy to use and so incredibly efficient, they minimize the number of times your batter gets ruined and is also mess-free. Whether you are making a meringue, cookie dough, or cake batter, they are bound to make your life a whole lot easier.
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