Without plates and bowls and cutlery, how are you going to serve your food, much less eat it? Don't fret, weve got you covered. P.S since you're here, we have cake stands and condiment racks and pots too!

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Buy Tableware online in Singapore

Shop Tableware Online in Singapore

Browse through our unique catalog of Tableware readily available for your home!

Be the best host you can be with our classic dishes, plates, jugs, bowls and many more! For an elegant dinner gathering at home, get a full dinnerware set, complete with plates, bowls and side dishes of the same colour.

Transform your table settings with plates and bowls that match your style!

They are all made from durable stoneware and are covered with a coloured glaze for a classic finish. Dinner plates meant for inidvidual meals, to put your serving of rice and whatnot. Not every dinner plate is made for every occasion, so be sure to take note of the colour! Side plates are meant for side dishes or sandwiches, or can be that perfect serving of popcorn chicken whilst sitting on the couch watching a movie. Food is definitely more enjoyable when it is nicely presented, so we paid special attention to our collection of serveware so that you can always enjoy the smell, taste and sight of your food. Without cutlery, you can only use your hands to eat, and not all of us are comfortable with doing that! Especially with foods that require cutting like steak and fish and chips, you need to use steak knifes and a fork to eat in peace and with *class*. Needless to day, cake stands are a must have for any baker. Showing off your cupcakes? Get tiered cake stands! Single tiered cake stands are also a great way to display them and store them as well because they usually come with a glass cover. Even if you don't bake, cake stands and tiered cake stands make for a great way to display pastries, fruit and cheeses as well! Get some trivets with them so while you serve your sweets, your hot dishes and pots don't leave burn marks on the table. Spice racks, salt and pepper mills, and condiment pots are almost a must for food lovers, so every meal is infused with a different and exciting flavour, catered to each each family member's taste. We also think popiah isn't complete without sweet sauce, so what better place to store it than in condiment pots for easy access and a fuss-free, clean eating:)

Feast on your eyes before it tickles your tastebuds with Hipvan's Tableware!

A table is just a table if you don't dress it up, and just like makeup, they help impress your guests and keep yourself happy too! Make sure your table is pretty and presentable with placemats and table runners to create visual aesthetic as well as protecting your table from your hot dishes and cutlery as well.

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