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Pillows and bolsters are definitely essential investments. They are what makes a good night's rest, and comfortable sleeping experience. Invest in our plush and comfy pillows and bolsters for superior comfort, and wake up feeling rejuvenated!

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    EVERYDAY Pillow
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    EVERYDAY Bolster
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Buy Pillows & Bolsters online in Singapore

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Buy Pillows & Bolsters Online in Singapore
Pillows and bolsters are key factors for a good night's rest, it is definitely something you should not hesitate to invest in. Our pillows and bolsters promises superior comfort and quality, that is bound to help you get the rest you need. With the perfect balance of plushness and bounce, you can expect to receive ample neck support. Hugging our plush and soft bolster will also help ease you into slumberland. With our pillow and bolster combo, you will definitely have no problem getting enough sleep for a rejuvenating day.

Importance of Pillow Protectors
Your pillows and mattress are known to be fertile ground for all sorts of allergens and they get dirty easily with all the sweat you produce when you sleep. It’s incredibly useful to have a pillow protector as it creates a layer between the allergens and your skin and they help to prevent stains, exposure to dust mites, microbes, and other potential allergens. They are also easily removed and washable, allowing you to clean it regularly.

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