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Need greater visual interest in your living space? Getting a carpet is a perfect way to spice up your living space by providing a pop of colour and texture. With rugs of all shapes, sizes and designs, you are bound to find a rug to complete your iconic interior.

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Decorating your home with our carpet is an effortless way to elevate your living space by introducing additional colour and texture. It helps to create greater visual interest on an otherwise dull flooring, completing the visual experience of your stylish interior. Have simple and neutral coloured furniture? Our rugs could be perfect in livening and brightening up your living space! Or pick a neutral coloured rug to complete the look! Rugs are also ideal in defining areas within a room - for instance, put a rug half-way under your bed to designate your sleeping area. With the stunning selection designs, there is bound to be one for every style - Scandinavian, modern, minimalist & more! What's more? Our rugs feel reeaaaal good too.

Tips on Decorating with Rugs

  • Tip 1: Decide on a colour scheme - rugs are ideal ways to introduce a pop of colour to your living space, but you can't do so carelessly! It is best to decide on a colour scheme that will go well with the rest of your furniture.
  • Tip 2: Don't be afraid of shapes - not all rugs are angular, depending on your style, round rugs can help introduce even greater visual interest with its interesting shape as well!
  • Tip 3: Get the right size - don't hesitate to decorate with a rug because of your space constraints, but it is essential to measure how much space you can work with. Overlaying your rug with other furniture is the perfect way to get working space to decorate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rugs, Carpets & Mats

Why should you buy a rug or carpet for your home?

Rugs have both great functionality and decorative purposes. A carpet can completely change how your living room looks and is the most cost effective method to change your home’s colour theme. Carpets can also help to protect your floor, acting as a protective layer to prevent scratches and dents if you drop something. Rugs are also great for families with toddlers as it can help to cushion their falls when learning how to walk or crawl.

What size rugs or carpets should I get for my living room?

You should get a rug or carpet that is big enough to at least place the edge of your sofa on, together with your coffee table. If your living room is not big enough, get a carpet that can fit your coffee table. The size of your rug greatly depends on which room you would like to place it in as well as the space available.

Why should you shop for rugs, carpets and mats on HipVan?

Shop HipVan Rugs, Carpets and Mats Sale online while enjoying the lowest prices for rugs and carpets with quality assurance. HipVan has a large selection of carpets whether large or small or for your doorstep. With free delivery and assembly* for orders over $300, sit back, relax and wait for your carpet to arrive in just a matter of a few days. Worried about your old carpet? HipVan offers disposal services to remove your old carpet in Singapore without you lifting a finger. If you are unsure about your purchase, HipVan offers 100 day returns. We guarantee that you will find the perfect rug that you love. If you would like to see more rugs in Singapore, visit the HipVan Experience Store, located at Suntec City.

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