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Tilda by HipVan

With its luxurious finish, our Tilda collection looks and feels premium. One simply can't help but be attracted to the unique brown ash pieces within this collection. With Tilda, you are bound to impress.

  • Tilda Bookshelf - Image 2Tilda Bookshelf - Image 1

    Tilda Bookshelf...

    W90 D35 H195 cm


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  • Tilda Console Table 1.4m - Image 2Tilda Console Table 1.4m - Image 1

    Tilda Console Table 1.4m...

    W140 D35 H80 cm


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  • Tilda Counter Table 1.5m - Image 2Tilda Counter Table 1.5m - Image 1

    Tilda Counter Table 1.5m...

    W150 D80 H90 cm


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  • Tilda Dining Table 1.6m - Image 2Tilda Dining Table 1.6m - Image 1

    Tilda Dining Table 1.6m...

    W160 D90 H76 cm


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  • Tilda Bench 1.7m - Image 2Tilda Bench 1.7m - Image 1

    Tilda Bench 1.7m...

    W170 D37 H45 cm


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  • Tilda High Side Table - Image 2Tilda High Side Table - Image 1

    Tilda High Side Table...

    H55 Ø60 cm


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  • Tilda Low Side Table - Image 2Tilda Low Side Table - Image 1

    Tilda Low Side Table...

    H45 Ø50 cm


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  • Tilda Island Bar Table 1.4m - Image 2Tilda Island Bar Table 1.4m - Image 1

    Tilda Island Bar Table 1.4m...

    W140 D52 H105 cm


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  • Tilda King Bed - Image 2Tilda King Bed - Image 1

    Tilda King Bed...

    W192 D218 H100 cm


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Our Tilda collection uses the premium Acacia wood as its core material for the majority of its parts. Known to be a dense and durable hardwood, our Tilda pieces were made to last; withstanding elements. The muted brown ash finish of the pieces also serves as the ideal contrast with colourful accents or even deeper colour schemes. The versatility of Tilda pieces provides you with a plethora of furnishing opportunities and is bound to seamlessly elevate any homestyle. What's more? The Tilda collection comes with a 5-year manufacturers' warranty. Shop with confidence.
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