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Buy Bedroom Furniture online in Singapore

Shop bedside, dressing tables, clothes stands, wardrobes & drawers!

Your bedroom is your very own personalised sanctuary, designed for your ultimate comfort and relaxation. Whatever style you choose to decorate your room in - contemporary, rustic, classic or minimalist, you will definitely be able to find the appropriate bedroom furniture here. Choose from our range of bedside tables, nightstands, dressing tables, wardrobes, chest of drawers, storage systems, clothes stands and clothes racks to create a bedroom that is uniquely yours!

Choosing the right bedroom furniture that defines you:

Styling your bedroom doesn’t require much effort if you just complete this first step - decide if you’d like to go for a minimalist, contemporary look or a cosier room.
1. Minimalist - A minimalist look simply requires everything to be packed away neatly. Opt for a chest of drawers rather than a bedside table to hide away visible mess in the drawers rather than to pile on endless numbers of books on the bedside table. Next up, wardrobes. Walk-in wardrobes are the epitome of a 21st century look. However, ensure that your wardrobe is kept neat and tidy with the help of adjustable shelves. A simple wardrobe or cabinet would work just as well.

2. Cosy
- The key to a cosy bedroom is layering. Add a bedside table and a dressing table to give your bedroom more depth. Pile on the cushions and throws to create the impression of a softer room. Adding a ladder will give your room another dimension. Wooden furniture pieces paired with soft fabric are ideal to achieve this look.

Extra tip!

Take into account the size of your bedroom. Not all bedroom are created the same, where it may be more difficult to add in more furniture for some as compared to others. Therefore, it is important to get only the essentials first, such as a bed frame or a chest of drawers, before deciding on extras, like a little bedside table.
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