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Comfortable and stylish dining chairs? Yes, please! Better yet, get our iconic dining chair sets at discounted prices when bought together.

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Mealtimes might just be the most important time of the day; it is a period for loved ones to gather to share a meal and enjoy hearty conversations. Choosing the right dining table and dining chair can create a perfect setting for it all to take place. Take your pick from a myriad of designs and materials to find the dining chairs that suit your style best - fabric chairs, wooden chairs, velvet armchairs and more. Of course, comfort is not compromised for all.

Browse our dining sets with matching dining chairs curated for a myriad of home styles - Scandinavian, minimalist, modern contemporary, industrial and more. What's more? Getting them as a set is a lot cheaper than when bought alone!

Deciding On The Best Chair For You
Materials: Before pairing your dining chairs and dining table, it is essential to recognize the style of your table. Wooden tables have a minimalistic style and if that is the style you desire, wooden dining chairs would suit you best. Desire something chicer? Choose chairs with wooden legs and velvet seats. Looking to achieve industrial homestyle? Go for steel! Meanwhile, fabric dining chairs can make a cosy dining space as well!
Colours: Wooden furniture pieces are great, but don't pair a walnut wood table with oak wood dining chairs! Always consider the colour scheme that you are trying to achieve. Of course, that is not to say that we can't mix it up a little at times, but you should always look at the bigger picture - consider if all your furniture will be complementary in some way. For instance, we love to pair a vibrant dining chair with a modern table style. This pop of colour adds finesse to a home, complementing a contemporary styled table, forming a transitional style dining area.
Side Chairs or Armchairs: This is an easy one. Besides aesthetics, measure how much space you get to work with. Due to its comparatively compact nature, side chairs come in handy for small spaces!

Regardless of which chair you choose, shop with confidence knowing that we only provide quality dining chairs. Of course, at honest and budget-friendly prices!

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