Tissue Boxes

Never worry about going out of style with our stylish tissue boxes! Let's face it, you will always need tissues at home, so why not try to make them look good? Our tissue boxes are designed help you save whilst being beautiful!
  • Wooden Tissue Box - White - Image 2 Wooden Tissue Box - White - Image 1
    Wooden Tissue Box - White
    Typical retail $15.90
    Ships in 3 weeks
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  • Wooden Tissue Box - Black - Image 2 Wooden Tissue Box - Black - Image 1
    Wooden Tissue Box - Black
    Ships in 1 - 3 days
    In time for X'mas!
  • Lucidez Tissue Holder - Image 2 Lucidez Tissue Holder - Image 1
    Lucidez Tissue Holder
    Ships in 1 - 3 days
    In time for X'mas!
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Buy Tissue Boxes online in Singapore

Buy Tissue Boxes Online in Singapore

Minimalist yet stylish tissue boxes for you to get through your daily needs

Always need a box of tissues nearby, but tired of the unaesthetic tissue boxes from the supermarket with gigantic flowers, gaudy colours and a gigantic logo in the front? Look no further! Our tissue boxes are desinged to be minialistic yet sleek and stylish, sure to fit into any home aesthetic. Place them in your bedroom, dining room, bathroom, or just about anywhere! One can never have too many tissue boxes for your day-to-day routine.

Designed to hold pop-up tissues; you only need to get tissue refills and place them inside. In the long run, buying tissue refills with a stylish tissue box saves you a lot of accumulated money compared to buying tissues together with their cardboard boxes. Money saving and stylish at the same time? Yes please!

If you're looking for a simple, affordable and useful housewarming gift, our tissue boxes are definintely a great gift! A fun and unique conversation starter, perfect for the ones who show their attentiveness to style details.

Buying Tissue Box Holders Online in Singapore is now easy!

Our range of Tissue Box Holders, backed by our free delivery and free returns options, ensure that shopping for a Tissue Box Holder online is now extremely easy. At Hipvan, we take great care in making great products available to you at fair prices.