Good things come to those who bake, and we can't agree more! These bakeware items are yours to keep, because you deserve only the good stuff.

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Buy Bakeware online in Singapore

Shop Bakeware Online in Singapore

When there is a whisk, there is a way, so be sure to get your Bakeware items to make this happen!

Baking pans and dishes are almost too important not to have, especially if you are an avid baker. Without them, it is almost impossible to make your favourite ondeh-ondeh cake, or delicious red velvet cupcakes. Not just for birthday cakes, making cupcakes are also a great alternative! It is easily shared and distributed, and much easier to decorate, great for beginners if you want to make fancy designs. Baking a beautiful cakes, cupcakes and muffins take practice so be sure to get a good pan to last you through the heat and the many many baking sessions to come. Here at HipVan, we stock springform baking pans for you to easily remove the pan from your cake, making it presentation ready instantly.

Together with your baking pans and trays, its only right you get the right tools to complete your perfect bake!

Your baking utensils are just as important in creating your oneh ondeh cake as your baking pans and dishes! Take into account the quality of the baking sheet as well as the specific design when you are shopping for a baking sheet. For example, if you like roasted coconut or nuts in the oven, then lined baking sheets would your best option so they won’t fall into your oven while baking. Make sure they are non-stick as well! Lucky for you, ours is always non-stick for your baking pleasure.

If you've had your go at baking, then you know that baking tools really make a difference when during your baking process.

From sieves to get flour separated, and whisks to make sure everything is mixed well, these baking utensils make is easy to cook everything from simple cupcakes to decadent macarons. Cutters and presses are affordable and durable, perfect for making as many cookies as you'd like! Unless you're Jamie Oliver, then you should know that measuring cups and spoons are so important to get the right ratio for you bakes! This way you won't get uncooked or burnt bakes.

Buying Bakeware in Singapore is now easy!

Our extensive range of Bakeware, backed by our free delivery and free returns options, ensure that shopping for Bakeware online is now a breeze. As an online furniture company, we at HipVan take great care in making great furniture products available to you at fair prices.

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