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Goodle Nonstick Saucepan 18cm

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  • From Modori
  • Modori Goodle Collection 18cm Saucepan with an 18cm lid. The deeper design is suitable for cooking your favourite ramen, porridge, or deep-fried food that requires a lot of oil.

    The Modori Goodle Collection is a brand new collection with clean lining and neat design, a black body and a wooden handle for a warm and contemporary feel, combines all the advantages of coated cookware, stainless steel cookware, and cast iron cookware, ideal for long-term durability performance.

    In this collection, we used a special Inoble coating patented oil method that enhances the non-stick effects and makes it easier to clean after use and requires minimal maintenance. It has the same heat retention effect as cast iron and is suitable for cooking with various stoves, such as gas stoves, induction cookers (except ferromagnetic induction cookers), ceramic cookers, and heating plates.

  • • Prevent harmful substances, Use safe and non-toxic materials
    • Passed millions of tests, Long-lasting coating
    • Patented oil road method, Strengthen non-stick effect
    • Great heat retention, Same heat retention effect as cast iron
    Note: 18cm pot lid included
  • Dimensions
    W36 H14.5 Ø18 cm
    0.8 kg
  • Materials

    Handle: Somei Yoshino Cherry Tree
    Lid: Stainless
    Base of the Pot: Aluminium (Inoble Coating)

  • Care
    • It has high thermal conductivity, so we recommend using low or medium heat when cooking.
    • Pay attention to fire when cooking (especially if you use a gas stove). If you use a gas stove, keep it at medium or low fire. If the fire is too high, it may burn to the sides of the cookware and damage the wooden handles.
    • Please use neutral detergent and a soft sponge to clean, do not use alkaline detergent such as baking soda.
    • Clean the pan/pan immediately after cooking, especially after cooking food with sauces or colours, as the wooden handle may be stained if left for a long time.
    • Avoid using anything metal, including metal steel brushes containing abrasive minerals or brushes made of rough materials such as scouring pads. (Make sure you use a soft sponge)
    • Be sure to use wooden, heat-resistant silicone cooking utensils when cooking.
    • Please avoid a long time of empty burning.
    • Avoid drastic or sudden changes in temperature, which will weaken the nonstick material. This includes running a hot pan under cold water to cool it down.
    • Avoid using Modori Goodle Collection with a microwave and dishwasher.
    • Do not immerse the wooden handle in water. Use a neutral detergent and room temperature water for regular cleaning.
    • The non-stick coating of the pan/pan does have a service life and will vary according to how it's used and the frequency of usage. Please read all precautions before using cookware for better care.
    • Assembly not applicable

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  • F
    F. A
    17 Aug 2022
    light, heat evenly so the food cooks faster
    Goodle Nonstick Saucepan 18cm

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