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Often fall asleep on your sofa? Well, then these comfy cushion inserts are a definite necessity for you! With these ultra plush cushion inserts, you will never have to wake up with a neck ache after a night on the couch.

  • Cushion Insert - HipVan - Image 2 Cushion Insert - HipVan - Image 1
    Cushion Insert - HipVan
    Typical retail $10.90
  • Lumbar Cushion Insert - Image 2 Lumbar Cushion Insert - Image 1
    Lumbar Cushion Insert
    Typical retail $10.90
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Buy Cushion Inserts Online in Singapore
Falling asleep on our sofas is definitely a common occurrence among us all. Ever felt the horrible strain on your neck after a nap or a night on the couch? Well, with our comfy cushion inserts, that will no longer be a problem for you. With our plush cushion comforts, you can also comfortably enjoy your favourite Netflix series even more. Of course, our cushion inserts are not restricted to only the sofa, place them on your office chair for greater and softer back support or on your bed for comfort and aesthetics.

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