Décor Misfits: 5 Ways to Pull Off Mismatched Furniture

Mismatched furniture is all the rave these days.

If you’ve been to a few of the popular cafés here, you would have noticed that almost all of them use the technique of mixing furniture to create an outright different yet cohesive dining interior. A safe bet here is that you enjoy going back to the same café not only just for the coffee. Food, ambience and lastly, the interior, all play a part to how many stars you give in an online review.

So how can we attain a style of our own with mix ‘n’ matching furniture in mind without compromising the cohesiveness of the interior?

1. Consider adding a bright coloured fixture to a room that’s painted in a different colour.

It’s colour-blocking at its best. Ever since fashion designers introduced the concept of colour-blocking to the runway, everything is rendered in funky colours these days. Even our cakes!

2. Choose the dining table first before the chairs.

It’s always easier to complement a bigger object with accompaniments rather than the other way round. The same reason why we accessorize only after we put on our clothes. Opt for black or white as they are basic colours which can go well with everything.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more rustic look, go for a wooden table! Like black and white, wood furniture is also a ‘basic’ that can go well with almost everything!

3. Don’t worry about the chairs.

Things start to get fun after you’re done choosing the dining table. If you’re considering getting six chairs, don’t worry even if two of three of them match or are the same. Of course, having six of them in different styles makes your dining arrangement more interesting! And that your dinner guest gets to choose a favourite to sit on.

In addition, install any lightings over the dining table for that extra funk.

4. Pile on the pillows! And make sure they are all different!

Imagine a couch that has matching cushions in the same colour. It will definitely not raise a brow nor will it spark any conversation! Consider throwing cushions in different sizes, prints, and colours around. You’ll be amazed by how this little trick can add so much life to your living room.

Layering a contrasting printed rug over a basic one also does wonders!

5. Break all the rules!

Lastly, break all the rules that you’ve been taught about interior design. It can be tempting to purchase a bedroom set that consists of a bed-frame, wardrobe and vanity and side table in the same finish as it saves us the time and trouble in finding mismatched furniture that actually match.

However, once you’ve put everything together and watch how every single detail falls into place, you’ll be surprised how mismatched furniture can do so many wonders to an otherwise dull room.

Too much self-restraint can have you ended up with much suppressed décor ideas. As a result, you might not end up with the ideal look and feel you were hoping to achieve. If you have a good inkling that it’s going to pan out right, just go for it!

Why have one coffee table when you can have three?


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