5 Luxurious Mattress Brands Narrowed Down Just For You!

Did you know? We spend ⅓ of all our lives sleeping, so it’s extremely important to choose the right one for a restful 40 winks! A good mattress can determine whether you feel more refreshed or more tired when you wake up, but with so many mattress brands, how do you even begin choosing? Fret not, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 mattress brands for you to pick and choose.

1. HipVan


HipVan mattresses are designed for you in mind: with added cooling fabric with premium extra thick, individual pocket coils with foam so that you not only are comfortable all night, you also stay cool in the Singaporean heat. With so much back support and comfort, you’d assume a really high price for all the premiums, no? No! The LEVITATE by HipVan is only $1299, a far cry from many other big brands. By cutting traditional retail costs and markups, they are able to focus on creating the best mattress for you for a fraction of the price. Did we mention a 12 year warranty as well?

Prices from $499 (Queen)

2. Kingkoil

Source: KingKoil

A big player in the market, Kingkoil has been around since forever and they are renowned for being mattress providers for more than 200 properties worldwide to Ascott Group. Their 5-Zone Individually Pocketed Spring mattresses include five specialized contour zones to remove motion transfer as well. You can also find King Koil at many retail outlets like Courts and Harvey Norman! $2299 can get a you one Queen bed, but subject to your own research as many different brands carry KingKoil.

Prices from $2299 (Queen)

3. Tempur

Source: Tempur

Known for its pressure relieving properties, Tempur has been known to be a favourite amongst sportsmen like Serena Williams! Made from their in-house Tempur material and CoolTouch system, their Tempur Hybrid Luxe with CoolTouch will set you back a good $8399.

Prices from $8399 (Queen)

4. Simmons

Source: Simmons

If you are looking for a shared bed, Simmons’ pocketed coil construction eliminates movement, making it easy for your partner to get in and out of bed without waking you up. Their beautyrest series also responds to different weights and contour to the body for individual comfort and support. They also provide for some of the best hotels like Shangri-La, and our local prides the Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa! From $4,361, you can get a Queen sized mattress with 2 pillows and a mattress topper.

Prices from $4361 (Queen)

5. Sealy

Source: Sealy

You know you are looking for a bed to fix your back when you get a Sealy. Sealy Posturepedic prides themselves for being committed to creating the right support for customers’ backs. Their Sealy PostureLux comes with a full edge perimeter support for stability, and extends the sleeping support as well. With various carriers, prices may vary, but a Unicased Posturepedic Decorum at Courts will cost you about $5999! Yep, you definitely need a good rest after spending all that money...

Prices from $5999 (Queen)

No matter what brand of mattress you choose, be sure it is one that suits your needs and budget as well! Always check the return policy of the places you are buying from (ours is 100 Nights free trial) because you need to sleep on it (pun intended) for a bit before deciding whether it is suitable. Needless to say, always check the warranty of your mattress: you don’t want to get a mattress for a cheap price but only realising it sags after a year or two. Now, go forth, you need a well-deserved sleep.


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