9 Indoor Plants That Won't Die On You

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Believe it or not, indoor plants possess an inexplicable magic! Their powers are definitely not of the mystical kind, but of those that can instantly transform the look of your place.

Unlike having to match décor accents, indoor plants will instantly match any existing color scheme and will give a fresh spin on the overall look in your space! Not only will a touch of nature's green perk up your space, certain indoor plants can also help clean the environment in your home.

Indoor plants look best placed in empty corners, tabletops and shelves. Fret not about worrying you will not be able to take care of them - these green friends are pretty much bulletproof (and idiot-proof!).

1. Aloe

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You have probably heard of the aloe vera from product labels. Smaller aloe plants will thrive in sunny indoor spaces. Place them in small pots or place them on tabletops and side tables as a décor accent. They need very little care so it's perfect if you're a time-starved individual that can't commit to a plant that is higher maintenance!

How to care for it: Aloe plants work best in temperatures around 21 degrees with lots of sunlight. As it is a succulent, use dry soil and water it only once a week. Avoid frequent watering, as this will cause the aloe to drown.

2. Spider Plant

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Because of the unusual arrangement of its leaves, this plant will add a visual uniqueness to your space. This plant looks good in pots but can also work as a hanged ornament.

How to care for it: Spider plants thrive in moist soil that is evenly watered. Place them in bright or medium sunlight at 18-23 degrees.

3. Rubber Tree

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If you want a classic or old school vibe, a rubber tree might work well with you. Its overall appearance looks very conventional and will look good on top of high stools or shelves.

Not to mention, its dark green leaves have a dramatic shine whenever light hits it. To maintain its medium size, constantly just trim or shape it.

How to care for it: In between watering, allow the surface of the soil to dry out. Snake plants do well in medium to bright light conditions and in temperatures from 15-26 degrees.

4. Snake Plant

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Also known as Saint George's sword, this plant is ideal for any place in your room! It can look good in corners or dividers for various spaces. Its leaves grow upright and have yellow or white edges - it sometimes blooms white flowers too!

To make this plant truly stand out, place it in stylish pots or vases for that modern and contemporary look.

How to care for it: Snake plants grow well in various lighting conditions. But bear in mind that the air and soil should be relatively dry.

5. Cactus

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Probably the go-to indoor plants for some, cacti are timeless plants that have the flair and modern appeal. A cactus' unique shape and texture gives your room a more interesting design. It even looks cooler when paired with colorful and funky containers or flowerpots.

How to care for it: It really depends on the kind of cactus you have bought. Some thrive outdoors while others do better indoors - check with the nursery or read the labels before buying!

Indoor cactuses generally don't need a lot of sunlight - though it'll be good if you want them to flower! Keep the soil dry and water them every 2 weeks.

6. Boston Fern

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Ferns in general are extremely lush and look sophisticated when placed on high stools, pedestals or when hung! Display it as a vertical décor piece and watch the fern add a tropical vibe to your room.

How to care for it: Water it once a week and place in bright but indirect light. Mist it weekly to replicate the humidity that it usually thrives in.

7. Fiddle Leaf

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A fiddle leaf is famous for its leather-like leaves. They have a classy look and will work well in almost any area of your home. Since they grow vertically, they might look best in corners.

How to care for it: The fiddle leaf would do well in 18-24 degrees and in bright to medium lighting conditions. Like the rubber tree, allow the surface of the soil to dry out in between watering. If the colors of the fiddle leaf start to pale, move it to a dimmer spot.

8. Parlor Palm

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This specific plant can grow up to 8 feet and is usually 1 to 3 feet wide. Place it in a large planter's pot and position it in any corner of your room. Parlor Palms will give your room a warm and tropical feel.

How to care for it: Place the palm in indirect light. Keep the soil relatively dry and water only on alternate weeks.

9. Pothos

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Pothos is one of the easiest plants to take care of. Its thick leaves retain water, requiring less of your time to water it every day. Its yellow and white leaves will certainly brighten and refresh the look of your room.

Apart from its aesthetic quality, Pothos also has air-purifying qualities. It absorbs toxins like formaldehyde from materials at home - like the carpet!

How to care for it: Pothos works in a range of lighting conditions. Place it in regular room temperature and allow soil to dry in between watering.

Who says you need a green thumb to have a beautiful indoor plant collection? With these low maintenance plants, you can enjoy taking care of plants without having to worry about how often you water or trim them.

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