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Buy Tissue Boxes online in Singapore

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Shop Tissue Box Holder Online in Singapore

Always need a box of tissues nearby, but tired of the unsightly tissue boxes from the supermarket with gigantic flowers, gaudy colours and a gigantic logo on the front? Look no further! From wooden to woven, copper to fabric, our tissue holder cases are designed to be minimalistic, sleek and stylish, a sure fit for any home aesthetic. Place them in your bedroom, dining room, bathroom, or just about anywhere!

Designed to hold pop-up tissues, you only need to get tissue refills and place them inside. In the long run, buying tissue refills with a stylish tissue box holder or tissue box cover saves you a lot of money compared to buying tissues together with their cardboard boxes in the long run. But most importantly, you save the earth as well! Environmentally-friendly, money-saving and stylish at the same time? Yes, please!

If you're looking for a simple, affordable and useful housewarming gift, our tissue box holders are definitely a great gift! A fun and unique conversation starter, perfect for the ones who show their attentiveness to details.
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