Magazine Racks

Whether you need them for living room, bedroom or your study room, organise and tidy up your living space with these beautiful magazine racks.
  • Drogo Magazine Holder - Image 2 Drogo Magazine Holder - Image 1
    Drogo Magazine Holder
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  • Retro Magazine Table - Image 2 Retro Magazine Table - Image 1
    Retro Magazine Table
    Typical retail $195
    Ships in 2 weeks
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  • Filo Basket - Colonial Taupe - Image 2 Filo Basket - Colonial Taupe - Image 1
    Filo Basket - Colonial Taupe
    Ships in 2 weeks
  • Filo Basket - Desert Rose - Image 2 Filo Basket - Desert Rose - Image 1
    Filo Basket - Desert Rose
    Ships in 2 weeks
  • Filo Basket - Romantic Ivory - Image 2 Filo Basket - Romantic Ivory - Image 1
    Filo Basket - Romantic Ivory
    Ships in 2 weeks
  • Strum Organizer - Copper - Image 2 Strum Organizer - Copper - Image 1
    Strum Organizer - Copper
    Ships in 4 weeks
    sold out
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Hanging Magazine Holders, Table Magazine Holders and Magazine Side Tables for you to choose from!

For those who love magazines and feast at all their beautifully curated images for your eyes, from KinFolk to Women's Weekly to Men's Health, this is for you!

Magazine Racks are for those who want to keep their favourite or latest magazine with them wherever they read. For those on the go, table magazine holders are great as they allow you to access them easily while being accessible enough to bring around.

Magazine Tables are great because they give you a specific area to display and reach for your magazine whilst being able to put a small speaker, teapot and cup on the top! Warm tea, a magazine in hand with soothing music playing in the background=perfect.

With all your old magazines lying around, how about get some Wall magazine holders? When layered with other wall decor, they make for a beautiful accent wall whilst giving you away to display and store your magazines.

Wood, Metal or Plastic Magazine Racks?

Wood Magazine Racks are more classic, and they add a touch of old world charm to any room without making it too retro. Metal Magazine Racks are contemporary, and instantly create a tumblr-esque, picture perfect area for you to take your Instragram photos. Plastic Magazine Racks are sturdy, and are extremely neutral! This is great for those who are unsure about their home theme: the material is adaptable to any home!

Buying Modern Magazine Racks in Singapore is now easy!

With free delivery and free returns options, we ensure that shopping for Magazine Racks online is now extremely easy. As an online furniture company, we at HipVan take great care in making great furniture products available to you at fair prices.