Outdoor Tables

Outdoor tables are a great addition with some matching chairs. Choose between a big or small outdoor table depending on your use for it and the space in your balcony or patio. If you're not convinced, we offer 100-day free returns!
  • Quartet Table - Grey  - Image 2 Quartet Table - Grey  - Image 1
    Quartet Table - Grey
    Typical retail $199
    Ships in 1 week
  • Melody Table - Image 2 Melody Table - Image 1
    Melody Table
    Typical retail $299
    Ships in 1 week
  • Futura Table - Cappuccino  - Image 2 Futura Table - Cappuccino  - Image 1
    Futura Table - Cappuccino
    Typical retail $355
    Ships in 1 week
  • Illuminated Cool Bar - Image 2 Illuminated Cool Bar - Image 1
    Illuminated Cool Bar
    Typical retail $299
    Ships in 1 week
  • Cool Bar - Grey - Image 2 Cool Bar - Grey - Image 1
    Cool Bar - Grey
    Typical retail $236.10
    Ships in 1 week
    Sold out
No products found matching your criteria.

Buy Outdoor Tables online in Singapore

Buy Outdoor Tables Online in Singapore

Find the perfect outdoor table for your balcony

We love outdoor areas like patios and balconies but they are often neglected. A well furnished balcony makes the space functional and a tiny getaway on the weekends where you can unwind. Imagine sitting on a comfortable chair with an outdoor table next to you, pretending to read a book and sipping coffee. Wish all days were like this but regardless we can ensure that our weekends in our balcony are worth it.

Getting a comfortable chair to relax on is the key and having a table to go with it is essential. A table that is big enough to keep your phone, bottle of water, book, or even feet! And small enough so it doesn't take too much space in the balcony or patio.

Free shipping. Free returns.

You may still not be very confident about the size and style of the table, and that is the reason we have a 100-day free return policy. No questions asked.
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